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Janathon Day 5 meets Whole 30 Day 1

As the sun sets on day 1 of my Whole 30, I am very much in the realms of “well this isn’t so hard”.

I thought I would have been more organised for breakfast, but I am not the most speedy of people in the morning and didn’t get my groove on quickly enough – so an egg and juice it was!  I’ll try to be a bit more adventurous tomorrow (meanwhile – anyone who has completed the Whole 30 – what did you eat for breakfast?  I need inspiration!).

While breakfast was small, it did the job until about 11am.  Ordinarily I would be reaching for a biscuit or chocolate (or several) to tide me over to lunch.  Lunch was a bit more organised:



Tea was a beef stew with sweet potatoes.  The best! (Even if it doesn’t look it!)



The only thing is that I now want something sweet.  I’m not hungry, it is just a habit I need to break.

I decided that there was a choice for Janathon – yoga or kettlebells.  I could do either depending on how I felt at the end of the day (grumpy would have been kettlebells, everything else would be yoga).  Yoga won, which I was a bit surprised at given it was my first day back at work.

I enjoyed the Andrew Wrenn video, so that was my choice for this evening.

What is your favourite breakfast?  Mine would probably have to be eggs benedict.


Scoring a B+ this week

Now, I’m not quite “all over it”, but I’ve done pretty well this week I think.  Headline news is that I am 4lbs down on my weigh in last week, which is really great.  It’s not been the strictest of weeks, but it’s a dramatic improvement on the weeks that have gone before.  Anyway, we have a #TransformationTuesday in the making…

Transformation Tuesday in the making

Ignore the lovely face – it was very bright out on our walk today, and I should have remembered my sunglasses.  I am hoping that in a month or so I will be able to post another picture with some noticeable progress.  Every journey starts somewhere right?!

How has this week been different?

Food wise, we haven’t really planned too much.  Luckily there have still been a couple of frozen meals from a batch cooking marathon I did a couple of weeks ago.  A quick nip to Tesco to get some fresh veggies and milk, and we were away!  One day I was incredibly late home, so we ordered takeaway, but other than that, we’ve been sensible.  Breakfast has consisted of porridge, lunch has been soup or leftovers, and teas have been mostly freezer food.  We’re actually beginning to use up some of the stuff in the cupboard that we’ve had for ages.

Favourite food thing this week: Stur squash.  Beki, who blogs over at Miss Wheezy, wrote a post about Stur this week.  They are doing free samples, so I thought I would give it a go, especially as I saw they have a peach iced tea flavour.  My sample arrived really quickly, and it tastes exactly how I expected it to!  Win!


Ooh.. I lied a bit.  I have two favourite things – the second is Christmas pudding Nakd bars!  They’re… well… Christmas puddingy without the calories of a Christmas pud!


Next up – exercise!  I have a plan, and that plan has worked quite nicely this week.  Of the 7 days, I completed 5, which I think is a good start.  For the runs, I haven’t actually run as I don’t want to kill my knees off, so I’ve walked the distances.  Matt joined me for kettlebells at the start of the week, and also came out on my long “run” today.  I don’t think he’ll be joining me for kettlebells again – he doesn’t quite get that feeling of joy that I get from lobbing weights around.  It’s probably not helped by a muscle twinge that he has been having in his shoulder either.

I’ve struggled a bit with yoga too.  My wrist strength is noticeably poorer than it has been in the past, which makes any poses like downward dog, or even cat/cows intense.  I can’t hold the poses for too long.  I always thought that this was a problem only I really experienced (again, I don’t think the weight helps), but it seems I am not alone, and Ekhart Yoga have even posted a video to help build that strength.

I’m hoping that over the coming weeks and months, completing this video regularly will help me to progress more comfortably in my yoga.

Favourite exercise this week:  My walk with Matt today.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air, and he got to play with his camera too.  Win all round!

Sunday walks

Next week, I’m hoping to have eaten a little more into the cupboards and freezer, and then next weekend batch cook a few more meals and also make some soups.  Exercise wise, I plan to start some gentle (read: super slow) running.

How has your week been?




Whole 30 Days 1 to 4 round up

For the fear of bombarding the internet with rambly update posts about Whole 30, I have decided to write a little bit about my week each day and post it on the weekends.

Day 1

It wasn’t too bad at all, despite some exceptionally poor planning on my part.  I weighed in, measured myself, and then inflicted the same upon Matt.  Matt is loosely following this with me, but not to the letter.  I made it very clear to him that I am doing this for me, and if he wants to add some pasta/rice/bread/dairy/whatever in, then he is very welcome to.

The food today was dull (see: poor planning), but a quick trip to Tesco sorted us out for the next couple of days.  In myself, I don’t feel any different, but it has only been one day.  I’ve battled a headache for most of the day, but I think it is too early to be blaming it on a sugar withdrawal.

Today’s food was a Nakd bar for breakfast coupled with some nuts (I turfed out the Brazils though… blurgh!).  Lunch was an egg with some leaves and balsamic vinegar, and tea was chilli coated chicken with sweet potato and a side salad.

Day 2

Right now, I am thinking “what’s the fuss about?”.  Breakfast was a hard boiled egg and some cherry tomatoes, lunch was chicken salad, and tea was homemade burgers (possibly the best I have ever made) with sweet potato chips and a side salad.  I have had another headache today, but then the weather has changed quite a bit and I occasionally get pressure headaches.  I slept amazingly last night, but again, it could be because it was cooler.

One thing that I have found irritating today has been the response of someone at work.  They don’t approve of the Whole 30, despite never having heard about it before.  It is doomed.  Plus, don’t I know that it takes 66 days to form a new habit?  I had to bite my tongue if I am honest.  Ultimately, this is my choice, an informed choice at that, and I want to do something positive for my body.  If this helps, even just a little, I will have achieved what I wanted.

On a happier note, Nom Nom Paleo arrived in the post today, so I am about to sit down and work out what next week’s food is going to be.  Goodness knows I need the inspiration!

Nom Nom Paleo Tub on the Run

Day 3

Something delightful to report…  My dandruff that I thought was clearing nicely is back.  I am not the happiest bunny in the world.  I am also feeling tired today despite sleeping well last night.  Yes, it is Friday, but this hasn’t been a particularly difficult or stressful week, so I think it is more “blurgh” feeling.  I’m tres articulate, I know.  I am feeling a bit cranky and hungry.  Food has been uninspiring – egg, more salad, chicken kebabs with sweet potato.  Roll on tomorrow when I can get out shopping and get something interesting together!  I haven’t had a headache today though, so small mercies 🙂

Day 4

I woke up really tired and promptly decided I was going to go back to sleep again.  I slept soundly both times though.  When I dragged my carcass out of bed it’s probably a good thing that Matt had already escaped to the living room, as I felt grumpy.  Proper got out of the wrong side of the bed grumps.  According to the Whole 30 founders, it seems that days 4 and 5 are “kill all the things” kind of days.

I am pleased to say that the bad mood wore off relatively quickly, probably around the same time that I smelt breakfast cooking.  Matt had nipped to the butchers and got some of their sausages and bacon.  Bacon seems a bit of a controversial meat on the Whole 30, but I think our local butchers sell compliant bacon.  The sausages are 100% meat, no crap.  It was a great breakfast!

Matt went to see his mum today, so I was left to potter around to my heart’s content.  There were some chores that I never look forward to, like changing the cat litter.  Usually I procrastinate (oh look… Tank wants fussing, let’s amuse the cat), but this time, I just got on with it.  I can’t tell you how unusual that is for me, I normally have to nag myself into doing something.  I feel like it has just been a little bit easier to get on with the mundane today.

I took a few minutes to compose a shopping list and then headed out to our local whole food/natural shop.  I picked up most of my produce in one, but needed coconut flour from another.  My mind blows a little bit in these shops with all the weird and wonderful products that they sell.  In the second shop, I had a lovely neck and shoulder massage – gotta love a little bit of random!  I left feeling like I was walking on fluffy clouds, but quickly realised that, alas, the fluffy clouds were raining quite heavily outside.

A trip to the butcher and the greengrocers followed, and approximately 10kgs of weight was then hauled back up the three flights of stairs to our flat.  We’re all set for a cook off tomorrow!

I crashed a little bit at about 5pm and almost snoozed off, but I fed the cats instead, then cracked on with tea.

All in all, I don’t feel too bad, though I would like a hot chocolate, some chewing gum or Coke Zero/Diet Coke.  I’m not really craving anything except for those three things.



Whole 30 Day 1 Down

I have absolutely no intention of posting daily about this.  I think my recent attempt at Juneathon has proved that I am not really cut out for blogging each day.  However, in the interests of monitoring progress, I think it would be good to share where I am today.  I’ve taken my measurements and my weight and taken a couple of photos of my skin.  And here I am, in all my lycra clad, spotty glory!

Tub on the Run Whole 30 Day 1

My skin actually isn’t too bad at the moment, but I have a couple of bad spots along my jawline that are quite painful.  I also have some residual dandruff from a severe bout of stress a few weeks ago.

Day one didn’t really get off to the best start.  I was a bit unprepared, but managed to cobble something together quickly.  While it was adequate, it wasn’t exactly inspiring.  We stopped at Tesco this evening to pick up a couple of things to tide us over until the weekend when I can cook properly with a bit more thought and inspiration.

In terms of how I have felt, I’ve had a stinking headache most of the day.  I am unsure whether it is a withdrawal from sugar that is the problem, or whether it is tight shoulders that are radiating up my neck.  I’ve spent quite a large part of the week so far hunched over my desk.  It does seem a bit early to be suffering from any sugar withdrawal issues.

Tomorrow looks to be a better day for food.  I have prepared breakfast (kind of), lunch and dinner, and have the following day’s meals planned too.


Sunday night and Blog Block

I have tried to write this post about six times now, and nothing is flowing.  M has diagnosed it as Blog Block.  Apologies, therefore, for the probable rambling, jumbled-upness of this post.  I shall, however, try to break it into some logical chunks (“try” being the operative word there).


I bunked off Slimming World again this week.  I know it’s been a bad food week when I don’t want to go to church Group and confess my sins syns, and believe me, there have been many.  How many?  I have no idea.  That’s another tell tale sign – I don’t count because I know it’s bad.  Well, my body is now beginning to demand a better quality fuel.  After weeks (months?) of feeding it rubbish, it’s now getting all grumbly and gripey and, to be honest, it isn’t much fun.  This is coming from the person who prides herself on owning a cast iron tummy, the girl who can eat out of date food, or that which has been undercooked, and not feel the effects while those around her are actively seeking out the nearest toilet.

Well, so long high fat/sugar food.  It’s been, ummm, unhealthy (both physically and mentally).

Normally, I blindly choose meals based on what we have left over in the veggies department from last week, paying no heed to what I’m actually doing in the week.  This week is different.  I know I am going to be late home a couple of nights.  I know this is a danger zone, where I will default to takeaway because “I haven’t got enough time/energy/other poor excuse to cook”.  The slow cooker is my greatest ally in this particular battle.  The other thing?  Oh, well, there isn’t enough leftovers to use for lunch tomorrow, so I’ll just buy from the canteen.  That is expensive.  It’s also quite unhealthy, as while I may have the intention of having a jacket spud with beans and salad, I may add a flapjack on to that, or change my mind entirely to a cheese and onion pasty.  To combat this, I first need to buy some new batteries for my scales – I can’t measure anything out at the moment (unless it is a liquid).  This means that then, I’ll be able to use my breadmaker that I got for Christmas, but haven’t actually used yet.  That means that sandwiches with cheese and tomato, or ham, or whatever, is now a default option where there may not be enough leftovers.

That’s my week planned for food.


I would like to say that Week 1 of my 10k plan got off to a cracking start, but it has been more like a crappy start.  The stupid thing is that I know that if I feel low, going out for a run will help.  I’ve literally just come back from a run and I feel like I’m about to die from exploding lungs better than before I went out.  The hardest part is actually getting out the door.  As I started writing this post at 8pm, I thought I really should go out for a run.  I haven’t been out and made one run this week.  How can I talk about running if I haven’t actually been running.  Sometimes, like this evening, I can just tell myself that I am going out, and there is no internal argument.  Other times, there’s an almighty furore in my brain that absolutely refuses to get changed and go out.

This evening’s run was 3 miles.  The longest run on Week 1’s plan.  I shall crack on with Week 2 on Tuesday, Thursday (or Friday) and Saturday (watch out parkrun – I may come out to play!).  I didn’t set any records unfortunately, but I am quite pleased with my 41:27 5k given that I haven’t run regularly for what feels like forever.

One thing I have learnt this evening is that it most definitely is not time to crack the base layer out.  I thought I might get chilly, what with it being autumn and all, but no, a t-shirt is more than sufficient still.  According to the Garmin, it was 14°c, so maybe I’ll reintroduce the base layer when we hit 10°c and see how I go then.

On that note, I’m off for a shower because I am sweaty and smelly.  All round delightful!



Doughnut dodging disaster

Oh dear.  It’s not been a good day.  I started out being organised, but sadly it’s gone downhill somewhat.  I tripped up some stairs, then nearly got decapitated by a flying cupboard door (that had broken away from his hinge) and smashed a mug, all within the space of 5 minutes.  Then my manager wanted to sit in on my induction (I hate public speaking anyway, and hate it even more when I’m being assessed, though it wasn’t a formal assessment).  Thankfully, the post mortem debrief was levied more at my nerves and ability to speak at a million miles an hour when I am nervous.

Couple the above with a colleague’s birthday (read: plenty of cakes and doughnuts), it hasn’t been a good day for food.  I’m surprised I’ve made it down off a sugar high.  Oh wait.  I did come down.  I crashed, mid afternoon.  The future is neither bright, nor orange, for my weigh in tomorrow.

With the guilt of stuffing my face full of doughnuts, crispies, and swiss rolls, I decided it was time to get back on it.  Back to Week 1 of my 10k plan I trudge (it feels very much “You’ve eaten cake, go straight to jail outdoors and exercise, do not pass “Go”, do not collect £200).  Day 1 is a strength and stretch day.  I chose yoga.  I’ve been struggling with my post sugar trough, so yoga made sense to me.  I need to get back to more regular yoga practice.  I always feel better after it, but just don’t put enough focus on it for some reason.

Fingers crossed for light thoughts tomorrow.


Mexican, Wedding, Birthday, Gain

Friday night, we headed out after work for out monthly Supper Club.  Supper Club originated nearly two years ago after a mutual friend and work colleague was unceremoniously let go, and to say good bye, we all headed out for an Indian.   From there, we have tried to get out once a month to meet up and eat good food in our own eclectic company.  We hadn’t managed to get out properly since the Olympics’ opening ceremony last July for one reason and another, but we made it out this month.  My food choices weren’t exactly Slimming World friendly – I shared a starter of nachos, followed by a BBQ pulled pork tortilla salad.  It was beautiful, though I ended up feeling very full.  Not as full as a friend though, who took on the Hank Starvin’ challenge – two 6oz beef burgers, bacon, a chicken breast in a bun, 3 corn on the cobs, a load of chips and slaw.  It took him over two hours to eat it, but he managed.  If anyone is ever in the Newton Abbot area and is looking for a good Mexican, I really do recommend the Rio Grande.

Saturday I’ve already covered (here), and part of Sunday.  I managed my long run, relatively easily, though it never fails to amaze me the amount of people who just refuse to walk single file (if they’re already 2/3 abreast) and force me on to the road.  I am going to have to rethink the time of my long runs.  I really don’t want to endure the traffic.  Sunday afternoon, we headed up to Maunsel House for M’s cousin’s wedding.  The bride looked stunning, the venue was gorgeous, the weather was perfect.  The vows seemed entirely perfunctory, and I didn’t much like the registrar man – he was uncharismatic.  There was, of course, the obligatory family bicker (though not in earshot of the married couple thankfully), and BLOODY PEACOCKS!  Blasted things.  I wasn’t even protected by ducks this time.

Spring 2013 020

Originally, we were meant to be staying in this quaint little cottage, but I am a creature of home comforts and like my own bed too much.  As it turned out, we wouldn’t have been able to have a lie in anyway due to the departure time.

Spring 2013 040

Never (recently) have I eaten so much bread!  It was high tea for the main reception breakfast bit, with a hog roast later in the evening.  We left the happy couple at around 10:15pm when the army friends of M’s cousin started getting a bit rowdy, and picking up the guns displayed on the walls. 

Monday morning broke, and I suddenly became unable to get out of bed.  The workout on Saturday had the unfortunate side effect of working abdominal muscles that had laid dormant since my first kettlebells session.  It’s surprising how much you use your tummy muscles.

It was Mummy Tub’s birthday, and given the weather was so gorgeous…

Spring 2013 066

… we had a BBQ in my parents’ back garden.  It was lovely, as my sister was also home for a bit.  The dog enjoyed having the whole pack around, and enjoyed scouting for dropped food even more so. 

Spring 2013 072

Even the cat graced us with her presence, lolling around in the grass, attempting to catch the occasional butterfly (or just staring at the strange person trying to take a photo of her).

Spring 2013 075

Lunch was great, more bread, but Mum had very kindly bought some special Slimming World friendly sausages, and made burgers for us.  Very tasty!  All accompanied with a salad – there’s something about eating salad in the garden on a lovely sunny day.

Spring 2013 062

After mooching around Go Outdoors with the family and then a bite of tea, we headed home, ready to start the working week. 

Tuesday rolled around too quickly, and with it, my run and weigh in.  I ran the same route as last week, just over 2.5miles in 32 minutes, I thought that was quite good for me, as the route is the hilly route.  I had a small calf twinge about half way through, which I think was more hill based than running.   I was late for my Slimming World group, and it turned out I had put on 1.5lbs, so I’m back up to the 16 stone bracket.  Ah well!  It’s not every week that you go out with friends, go to a wedding and celebrate a birthday!


Sunday Long Run

I’ve mapped out my long run, calculating it to be just over 3 miles.  That is considered my long run on Week 1 of the Hal Higdon plan.  It is comforting to know that I have run nearly that distance this week, but also at the end of Couch to 5k.  I’ve decided not to introduce hills into this run, and I’ll be doing a familiar route along the beach.  I’m mentally gearing up to the herds of grockles (read: Devonian for tourists), and this may not be the easiest run I ever do for this factor alone (dodging people always seems to take a fair amount of effort).  I’ll have a look at some other local routes when I have the time to do so.

Yesterday was a cross (training) day.  As I had gone out for dinner (and ate far, far too much) on Friday, I didn’t get the allocated 30 minutes of cross in, so I bolted it on to yesterday’s workout (40 minutes cross).  I met my friend from Slimming World in the local park, which has an urban gym for anyone and everyone to use.  She’s used all of the equipment before, so I was shown the ropes.  Some of the machines/props I couldn’t use – hurdles (I am paranoid about falling over and smacking my teeth out on the next hurdle, even though I was assured I’d have to be travelling at some speed to do that), so I did a round of squats, stepping over the hurdles, then lunges, then star jumps.  The star jumps were annoying, as my trousers kept falling down.  I also couldn’t do a pull up.  I can live with that.  An hour and a half later, we were done, having put the world to rights, Helen getting poohed on by a seagull, and me getting slobbered on by a friendly Retriever.

Post-shower, M and I headed in to town, met friends for lunch, then mooched around for a bit.  There’s a new greengrocers just opened, and I got a huge amount of fruit and veg for less than £10.  I was very impressed.


After decanting the haul, we headed off to the library.  I haven’t been to our local library for many years, so signed myself up for a library card then moved towards the health section.  The lady who does my nails/waxing etc recommended the Dukan diet.  She was really pushing it, saying how well it had worked for her.  I will freely admit that I am very sceptical about anything that cuts out major food groups for periods of time, and then says you can have “celebration meals” twice a week (of whatever food you want) later.  I am not thinking of abandoning the Slimming World ship, but I just fancied seeing what it was all about.  To no avail though – the library didn’t have the book there anyway.  Instead, I picked up a book on yoga.  Reading the Moving Muncher’s recent post on meditation, I have thought that I need to work more yoga into my schedule, but I’m not able to make the local class (as it clashes with my Slimming World group).  This book (Everyone Try Yoga) is pretty good, has some familiar sequences that I think I can pick up again with relative ease.

Today, aside from my run, is filled with M’s cousin’s wedding.  I am not terribly excited about going, as I haven’t seen them for over 3 and a half year, it has seemed a bit of a cock up and encompasses some of my own personal wedding dos and don’ts (do make sure you put the right time on the invite, and do let people know if it’s changed other than relying on one person to tell one side of the family; don’t ask for sterling – foreign currency for honeymoon, yes.  Sterling, no.  Don’t uninvite family at the last minute – it’s poor form).  However, I’m sure it will be a lovely day (the weather’s certainly good for it), and it will be nice to catch up with some of the family that we don’t see all that often.

Finally, I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear that, after my spray tan, I have returned to a normal colour, and look lightly tanned now.  Much exfoliation has happened to achieve this look.  I also owe some slimming statistics for April but I’ve lost my tape measure, so I’ll be hunting for that too…  Cue a photo and stats update.


Quit yo’ jibber jabbering Inner Tub…

… I don’t have time to have a debate with you this evening about the virtues of our run.  We are busy.  This means getting in, heading out for a run, then showing our (beetroot coloured) face at Fat Club.  Yes, I know you’re hungry (like all the time!), and the Slimming World meeting is taking forever to get through at the moment, so we’ll do a deal, and if there is no chance that either M or me being Slimmer of the Week (where you win fruit), getting to our Club 10 (10% of body weight off) or indeed hit our 2 stone mark, then we’ll chat to friends for a few minutes and then head home.


Not too impressed that M had to stay at work a bit later, so we got home later than planned, but determined, I went out.  I started walking, got my ipod out for the podcast.  Except in a recent update, for some bizarre reason, my ipod had wiped C25K (Inner Tub, did you sabotage this?!).  Undeterred, I figured I could cope without the podcast, and follow the plan (5mins walk, then 60 secs running, 90 secs walking until I’d done 8 runs, then 5 mins walk).  It was much harder, having to constantly look at the watch.  I was also overtaken by a real runner.  Nevertheless, I completed Week 1, and looked incredibly dedicated at Fat Club.

Appearing somewhat beetroot coloured at weigh in, I dragged my body hopped onto the scales and registered a 4lb loss.  I am pleased with that.  I am not pleased at how long the meeting is taking.  It’s ridiculous.  Not only that but I didn’t even get my chance to talk about my week – too many newcomers asking silly questions (read the book!!!).  This is a follow on from not being a “regular” yesterday (I know it isn’t, but it feels that way).  Hmph.

What I have (re)discovered though, is that I seem to have become lactose, or specifically, milk intolerant again.  I went through a similar phase in 2008 when I moved back down South, where I couldn’t handle milk (pesky Devonian cows clearly produce richer milk than Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire cows).  I’d get excrutiating tummy ache, and I’m getting the same again this time.  I am assuming that it is a milk intolerance, as that is the only real thing that has changed lately (my milk consumption has increased a bit).  I’ve decided to go back to soya milk for the time being.

One more week to go before I can update my spreadsheet, indulge my need for progress stats, and revel in less of me.


We have lift off!

Tub – “Let’s go out tonight.”

Inner Tub – “Naaaahhh… It’s too cold, unless we’re going to the pub of course.”

Tub – “Well, no, I wasn’t thinking of the pub, I was thinking about going out for our first C25K run.”

Inner Tub (stares, wide-eyed and completely confused) – “You?  Run?  Pfft, yeah, you gotta be kidding.  We’re only reading blogs and magazines for fun y’know, there’s no hidden agenda to it.”

Tub – “No, seriously!  How are we going to keep going on with the losses each week if we don’t do some exercise.  I thought we could go out straight from when we get home”.

Inner Tub – “No way!  It’s cold.  I mean, it’s like FOUR DEGREES CELSIUS outside.  And straight after work?!  No, nah-ah, no.  We won’t even have eaten by then.  How can you expect us to run on empty?!” (strop strop strop)

Tub – “It’s hardly empty is it!  And it’s only half an hour.  We could be back by 7.  We’re even going to leave work on time to help the cause, plus the stew is already cooked – I cooked it last night.  So we can come back and fall face first into the stew”.

Inner Tub – “You put wine in the stew.  And we like leaving on time.  Yeah, stew.  Stew could be good.  Mmm…  Stew.”


So it didn’t quite happen like that.  What actually happened was, we did leave work on time (for the first time in about 3 weeks), and made it through the door and home to the hard-done-by cats.  After sorting them out (and trying to keep the big fat one from eating the little skinny one’s food), M and I cooked our tea after he reminded me that he was going out this evening to play skittles.  Anyway, the meal was not stew, but chicken with couscous and a homemade ragu (Syn free too – all of it!).  M headed off, and Inner Tub started chirping up again about how it was a stupid idea to go out and blah blah blah.  Quietening the silly Tub, I started searching the flat to find a suitable coat, my sports bra, my earphones, and my old Garmin.  If I was about 7 stone lighter, I totally looked the part!  With a reasonable route in mind, I headed out…


Slightly wobbly, but just an idea of how wet and windy it is!

Slightly wobbly, but just an idea of how wet and windy it is!

… Into the torrential rain.  It was absolutely horrendous!  Horizontal rain, wind, and a shocking wind chill factor – needless to say, I was the only pedestrian/jogger type person out and about.  I believe part of the reason I didn’t find the whole thing too horrendous was probably because after five minutes, I couldn’t actually feel my extremities.  That was probably a good thing.  So I started out on my “warm up” (warm is probably too strong a word), and got soaked by a speeding car driving through a puddle.  Good start.  Then it was to the first run.  Remembering the information from Run Fat B!tch Run, I started at a reasonable pace, then slowed it down so as not to peak on the first 60 seconds as I have done before.  Through the driving rain, I kept an ok pace.  Then there was the mandatory horde of idiots being transported around in a cheap and nastily modified boy racer-mobile.  Honestly, why you would slow down to poke fun at a fat person running when you clearly have no sense of taste or decency, as clearly exhibited by your wreck of a car (which is most likely their pride and joy), I don’t think I’ll ever understand.  Seriously – don’t keep drawing attention to the wreckage.

Despite the ridiculous behaviour of the boys in the monstrosity, I actually felt ok.  I definitely feel like I could go out again (not right now) and improve, in fact, I feel rather buoyed by the experience.  Unfortunately my tummy wasn’t so keen on the whole experience, and made its grievance known when I got back in.  Oh well!   It’ll get used to it.  The best thing?  The hot shower when I got in!

So stats fiends, what did I do?  I was out for 31:44, “ran” 3.12km with an average pace of 10:10/km.

Inner Tub is sulking in a corner now, and I am thawing out in front of the fire.  We’ll be going out again on Sunday.