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A PB Long Run

So, how was your weekend?  Good?  Great!  Mine was great too!  I PB’d, not once, but twice.  Ok, technically one isn’t exactly a normal PB, but I’m counting it. 

My long run, which I completed yesterday, called for a 3.5 mile run.  PB #1 was that I have never ever run 3.5 miles.  To say I was pleased was an understatement (though it is really only in the dawn of a new day that I can fully appreciate it).  PB #2 came in the form of a new time for a 5k.  I’d like to take a moment to recap.  I have entered three Race for Life 5ks in the past, but all have measured short of 5k, but seem accurate to 3miles.  My best time was my 2009 Winchester event, in which I clocked 41 minutes for 4.87km.  Not a true 5k, but I’ll take it.  Last night, as M dropped me off so I could run home, I set my Garmin to shout at 5k.  I got 38:24.  For me, that’s AMAZING!  I wasn’t feeling well in the run, and am carrying about 2.5 stone more than my 2009 attempt, so I am chuffed.

I’ve also had a look on the parkrun results for Killerton, and see that I would be at the back, but I wouldn’t be alone.  I’m trying to work out if I have anything on this weekend (and also trying to think of another way there that doesn’t involve getting stuck in county show traffic), as I could go.

The run itself wasn’t particularly pleasant.  M and I had stopped off for fish and chips at Darts Farm for lunch on the way home from mother-in-law’s.  It was probably the nicest fish I have ever had (battered anyway).  I thought I’d left plenty of time between eating and running (3.5 hours), but as soon as I started, I could feel the meal threatening to make a reappearance.  Thankfully it didn’t, though I felt nauseous for most of the run, and haven’t been so glad to get home for a long time. 

Tonight, the plan calls for a stretch and strength evening, which I shall call Zumba Tone.  It’s been ages since I went, but given that it is the boss’s birthday this week, and she’s bought in my body weight in cake, it hasn’t been a successful slimming day.  I’ll have to work extra hard tonight.

Well, hope you all had a great weekend too!   TTFN.


Cross Training Saturday

Firstly – thank you to those who commented on my last post, which was, upon reading it in the cold light of (the) day (after), it came across as a very whiny post.  It wasn’t really intended to be like that, but hey ho.

Today was a cross training day.  I headed out to the park with my friend to have an urban gym session.  Last week, we didn’t walk all the way up to the car park at the top.  Today, we made that mistake.  Right at the top was a PT boot camp scary circuits instructor screaming at  instructing his Saturday morning class.  He is completely, 100%, a drill sergeant.  His physique definitely looked ex-Marine.  We tried to walk past quickly, but he spotted us.  He then invited us to join them.  Graciously, we declined (last week, they had to jump up onto a bench, several times, with their arms folded, run around the park about 20 times and all manner of other things, and that was just the snippets we saw!).  He did stalk us around the park though, making sure one of us was doing something while the other was on a machine.  In the back of my head though, I was thinking “yes, one day, I will join you”.  Just not while I weigh about 3 times what the average participant does.

After my shower and some food, I mooched around town and spoke to a man about a new phone.  I am unsure what exactly it is that I want from my phone, and I have a while to upgrade, so I will wait it out I think.  We also shopped at the new greengrocers again.  They had strawberries this time.  I’ve just washed them off and stuck them in the fridge with half a punnet of grapes, ready for me to snack on when I want them.  The other thing I did, which I am trying following my Slimming World group’s recommendation, was to freeze washed grapes.  Apparently they are really good, though I am not too convinced right now.

We’re off to mother-in-law’s in a bit, as she is making moussaka (she rocks cooking moussaka).  I then have a Spartacus marathon planned tomorrow, as M has very kindly bought me War of the Damned.  Oh yeah, and a run tomorrow.  My long run.  I’m actually quite looking forward to it, as it will be my first ever run longer than 5k (it’s a 3.5 mile run), so not only will I be going further than a Tub has ever gone before, but I’ll also have a good idea of my 5k time.  I’ve just got to think of a suitable route – not one full of people who walk 5 abreast and won’t squish in for me, therefore forcing me onto the road.


When does it get easier?

Another two miles pegged last night.  I ran round the local park and along the path next to the railway line.  I’ve finally worked out how to use the alarms on my Garmin, so it buzzed loudly when I got to my two mile marker.  I have not been so relieved to hear an alarm for a long time.  As I was walking home, I got thinking – when does this get easier?

I know this is all relative.  I can run for a lot longer, a lot faster than when I first started out.  My very first run was 1.94 miles, at a 16:23 minute mile.  Ok I’m hardly up to Mo Farah standards of quick, but I ran 2 miles today at a 12:01 minute mile.  That was with walk break in both runs.  Frustratingly, I seem to be struggling to run for 30 minutes straight.  I’m heading out too quickly and tiring myself.  Also, I’m now running on pavements where I have to stop to cross the road, and have started incorporating hills.  Unsurprisingly I am able to run downhill for much longer than run up.  That’s to be expected I guess.  Bulk is gravity’s friend and vice versa.

I remember going out for the first time on 25th January and being so pleased with myself for being able to complete Week 1 Run 1.  I also remember it feeling pretty difficult (though the weather didn’t help).  I couldn’t have run at the speed I run at now for longer than 30 seconds.  When I take walk breaks now, I am able to recover within a minute and get going again. 

However, it isn’t easy.  Please, someone, tell me it does get easier?!

I’m mostly back on plan today, with my syns much closer to where they should be (still 21, so not amazing, but comparatively much better than they were).  For some strange reason, I have had a mad craving for cereal bars today.  This can be a difficult thing for me to handle, as I do love cereal bars.  I had also a moment with a Mr Kipling Lemon Slice.  I am feeling better for it already though, so I’ll be saying goodbye to the 1.5lbs I put on this week.

Tonight’s cross training consists of spinning.  I’m hoping for Pendulum – Slam to be one of the tracks (high resistance with short sprints).  I’m also looking forward to seeing N, as I haven’t seen her for a week and a half or so, and we’ve both been busy so it’ll be nice to have a natter.

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What a day! Highs and Lows

Today has been one of my hardest days for battling the naughty foods.  I have only just resisted sloping off to a dark corner with a family share bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk, trying not to let the taste of tears taint the chocolate.  Sadly, I have the misfortune to work with some grade A muppets.  Though I do believe there is at least one in each workplace.  So that sorely tested my patience and resolve.

I did resist though, then got poked by M in the eye whilst he randomly threw an arm out, and, one eyed, I went out for a run.  I failed my run today.  Week 2, Run 3 just didn’t happen.  I managed to get probably half way round before I had to lean into the wind at a 45 degree angle whilst enduring a sandblasting/natural exfoliation.  It was horrible, and the sand hurt so much I did nearly cry.  I suspect I made a fairly pitiful sight.  I resorted to power walking (whilst using the wind as some sort of evil resistance training), and got home as quickly as I could.  I must find a less exposed run than the seafront, and will complete the next run perhaps tomorrow so I’m not off track with the plan.  But, if I don’t feel like it, I’ll just be one day behind.

Anyway, it all started getting much better when I got to fat club.  After a week of not really changing on the scales, I registered 3.5lbs off, thus hitting beyond my two stone mark, getting my Club 10, being 25% of the way there, getting into a new stone bracket AND being Slimmer of the Week!  Result!

A pretty sour day has turned much better!

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Sunday musings

Have I had an exciting day?  No, not really.  What I have done though is retrieved a little bit of my wedding planning mojo.  I’ve been feeling pretty down on the whole thing lately, and a lot of it stems from jealousy – I’m jealous that friends who got engaged at Christmas are getting married two months before us.  On a totally selfish, and somewhat bridezilla-esque note, it mucks up my whole hen weekend thing – when I’m planning mine, my friend will be getting married, and therefore people will be too skint to do much for my hen.  Spoilt brat?  Yes, undoubtedly.  Pah.  Anyway, there has been a wedding fair on today that M and I went to.  I’ve come away from it remembering that it’s about us getting married, not the piss up or the hen/stag nights.  It’s about the marriage, not the wedding.  I have also tried to put my lack of mojo into context – we have sorted all the big stuff really – the church is booked, as is the reception venue (including food etc), the photographers are booked and mine and my sister’s dresses are bought, as are the wedding rings.  We have 10 months and counting!


In other news, we have braved the food shopping and crammed the loot into the fridge.  I’m making Thai fishcakes this week, in the quest of finding new things to eat (despite being seaside born and bred, M and I aren’t the greatest seafood lovers).  We also watched some of the runners go past our flat, running the Fulfords 5.  I noticed how many different running styles people adopt too.  I’d never really paid much attention to it before.  Usually when I see another runner, I am trying to not huff and puff horrendously past them in a bid to appear a little fitter than I am, and barely have the capacity to look beyond the immediate path.  Maybe next year I’ll enter the Fulfords 5 (miles).


On the thought of running, I have just completed Week 2, Run 2.  It was easier than the first run of Week 2, so there is some small piece of hope that eventually, I may find this all ok (I’ll probably never find it easy).  Frustratingly, during one of my walking patches, a man appeared from a side road with his dog just in front of me.  He then proceeded to keep the same pace as me.  As my next shuffle approached, I decided it would appear slightly stalkerish at worst, weird at best, if this fat lady came pounding up behind him.  I decided, therefore, to cross the road at the next T junction (which did through my run out by 10 seconds, but I added them on to the end of that run – get me for dedication!).  Anyway, that was pretty much it.  I’m already hitting 3.52km so I would like to think that my 30 minutes of running will be longer than 5k (and therefore I am couch to 5k+).  My min/km iscurrently 9:31, which is a bit worse than last time out, which was 9:25, but wholly better than my very first of 10:11.  Not that I am hung up on times/speeds particularly.  I just like stats.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to have my Sunday evening soak (easily the best bit of running, even if it is an ‘after the event’, and so far, only on Sundays).  Right now, this is the best reward I can have.


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Burning lungs of… Hope? Despair? Lard?

I’ve come back from my first run of Week 2’s podcast. I wondered, during my third run, if my lungs were about to implode, or perhaps they’d explode. I can’t quite work it out. Could they cope with much more? Well, yes they did actually – 3 more runs in fact. Anyway, it was significantly more challenging than my first week (what a surprise!). However, I am still feeling good for having completed it. My knees aren’t too sore now either, so this is all looking rather promising. I do think that I may repeat this week if I struggle with Week 3. Who knows – I may surprise myself and cope with it. The important thing is that I don’t give up.

Onwards and upwards it is!