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Mixed bag of running, weigh ins and wedding

The marvellous Never2late4 has convinced me to join her in Fab Ab Feb (which is amusing to my little brain in that it is FAF for short, but undoubtedly, having already done so, I will most likely end up calling in Ab Fab Feb).  But Tub, it’s already 13th Feb.  I know!  It may run into Mad Abs March.  In fact, it will have to, as I have no current hope of completing 10 push ups AND a 35s plank.

Back to the “usual” rambling about running.  I completed Week 3 yesterday.  That’s 9 runs – I’ll be in double figures this week (baby milestones).  It felt ok.  I’m not saying I was fast, or that I could have gone on much further, but I’m pretty pleased with myself to be honest.  I need to have a look at what Week 4 has in store at some point.

Weigh in went well – another 2lbs down.  It’s strange, because I really didn’t think I was going to lose anything.  My weight all week had stayed the same as last week’s weigh in, so the 2lbs was a pleasant surprise.  I think that means I’m only 3lbs away from my next half stone now – another milestone hit.  That also means I’m only half a stone from one of my “interim” targets (the interim target being significant, as that is the weight I was when I first decided that enough was enough in 2008).  I have now probably eaten enough pancakes to see a reversal on the scales next week, but it’s back to being super healthy and not indulging (a fine balance to strike between indulging and restricting).  As I stepped off the scales, the lady on the desk said she wished she could pinch my motivation (or come to my house for tea).  I thought it was a strange comment, as I don’t feel massively motivated right now.  I think I have hit the point where I have realised that whatever excuses I throw at this project, ultimately it’s all down to me, and the only person I fail is me.  Katie at Runs for Cookies wrote an amazing post about motivation/determination, and I have to admit, it’s totally 100% bang on the mark for me. 

Our church

Our church

In other news, wedding news specifically, Father Stephen has been in touch about a marriage preparation course.  M and I are attending on 23rd February.  I’m not really sure what to expect – maybe things like what are our thoughts on having children?  How would you resolve any issues?  He also sent us some information about the church service and what our options are.  He would like to see us to discuss this at some point.  We’re quite set in what we both want (M isn’t too fussed about the readings and would like to pick the hymns more), and I think I know what I want for the processional.  It will be handy to know when Father Stephen needs all this information though.  And lastly, on the wedding news front, my best friend who emigrated to Montana (and got married last week), has confirmed that she’ll be coming back for my wedding.  I’m so pleased – I had been telling myself she wouldn’t be able to make it, as I know Americans don’t get as much vacation time as we do, but that news made my week.  I have told her to keep an eye out for potential bridesmaid’s dresses and email me pictures of ones she likes.

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Things I learnt yesterday…

I went out in the afternoon yesterday, and it was as bad, and yet not as bad as I thought it would be.  A little contradictory?  Let me elaborate, by way of learning points:


1.  Labradors have the ability to wind you, with little effort on their part

I love dogs, I really do.  Our dog is part of my blog header.  I’m not afraid of dogs either.  However, what I cannot abide is badly behaved dogs (which seems a stronger trait in chocolate labs, unless they have the unfortunate ability to attract rubbish owners – I am generalising, of course, but of my two memorable dog incidents, both have been chocolate labs).  This dog, which was more tank than dog, was clearly excited to be out and came to say hello.  All ok so far.  Then, it jumped up.  Hmm, less ok but alright, I’m clearly friendly.  Then, the bloomin’ thing pushed off to a run, using me as a starting block.  Ooooof – when a lab does that you definitely know about it!  Did the owners say anything?  Did they hell.


2.  I reinforced my love of cows

I love cows.  I find them fascinating, which, conveniently, is a mutual feeling.  Of course, they much prefer it when I am riding, though I haven’t ridden a horse for about a year and a half now.  It’s nice that they find me interesting on my own.


3.  Most people are not going to point and laugh at my attempts to get fit

The majority of people actually smiled at me.  In a nice way, not at all pitying me.  There were a couple that didn’t, but neither did they point, laugh, jest or throw insults my way.


4.  Don’t wear thin trainer socks when it’s a bit damp outside

I have learnt this the hard way and have a rub on the back of my heel, which is pretty sore.  I couldn’t find a clean pair of proper trainer socks, only some micro socks that are pretty useless.


5.  It’s not a random taxi driver’s fault I am fat

Yes, you read that correctly – I was assured that it wasn’t his fault I was fat.  How did that come about?  I was waiting to cross the road, and he slowed down (not indicating to turn in), so I stepped off the kerb, then had to hop back as he decided that he did want to cut across me.  I looked at him, and he decided to yell out of the window that it wasn’t his fault I am fat.  Gee, thanks.  As if I didn’t know that already.  I won’t be using that taxi company ever (not that I use them often anyway).


I think I’ll stick to my usual route, at my usual time for the foreseeable future.


Quick question about race maps

I am hoping that you may be able to help me with a question – how do you find race course maps prior to the event?  The reason I ask, is that I think I am getting the running bug, and would like to run a race (I think).  I’ve run Race For Life before, and the Commando Challenge, but they weren’t “real” races (in so far as the courses were measured or had a UKAA number).  I’ve been looking at the Crediton Crunch which M and I marshalled in 2009.  It was a beast for hills apparently, but they’ve since changed the course.  I know I would stand little chance of completing the old course, but wondered if the new one would be better.

I am going to avoid making running a chore by not signing up to anything until I can run the distance required.  I’ve found in the past that I’d sign up to something at the beginning of the year with the best of intentions but unable to run the distance, then pressure myself too hard in “training” (read: starting running), get so fed up that I resented the whole thing.  Needless to say, it is highly unlikely that I will be entering anything like a 10k in May.

I’m enjoying the whole process too much to marr it with unnecessary pressure right now.

M has been very sweet and offered to do the food shopping while I go out for a run this afternoon.  As we’re going to my parents’ for tea, I’m not able to go out for my normal evening run.  I’m quite apprehensive about running in the daylight at the moment (it’s illogical and irrational that I think people would point and laugh and wonder why on earth I am sullying their afternoon with my red, sweaty face).

What my irrational self thinks would happen during daylight

I have picked a quiet route on an old railway line.  I’m hoping it’s quiet anyway.  M will drop me off, do the shopping, then pick me up on the way back.

And if I am seen, I hope that someone thinks this about me, and not the above.


Woohoo! We’re on to Week 3!

Woohoo!  I’m onto Week 3!  If you’d asked me at the beginning if I’d have been able to stick at this running plan for longer than 1 week, I’d have laughed.  Don’t get me wrong, it sure as hell isn’t getting easier, but I’m still there.  That must be a good thing.

After my dismal effort on Tuesday, I was thinking about going out again on Wednesday, but I got a severe case of the CBAs, then time conspired against me, and in the end I didn’t go spinning last night either.  Spinning aside, that means I haven’t officially finished Week 2, but I decided earlier today that if I really struggled with Week 3, Run 1, then I’d go back and finish Week 2.

Week 3, Run 1 didn’t go too badly – it finished a lot sooner than I was expecting, which threw me a bit, as I wouldn’t have got as far through my normal route.  I can only assume it is because I told myself to keep it really slow during the runs (90 secs run, 90 secs walk, 3 mins run, 3 mins walk and repeat once more).  I don’t know.

I need to think about my Sunday run, as we’ve been invited to my parents’ for tea, which will interfere with my Sunday night run.

In other news, my jeans keep falling down despite the belt.  Desperate not to emulate the “fashion” of teenage boys who think it is entirely acceptable to show pants because their jeans are slung too low, I bid for a pair of new jeans on ebay and won them.  Hurrah!  New clothes!  Normally I wouldn’t even think to buy stuff like that from ebay, but actually, while I am slimming, it really doesn’t make sense to go spending £50 on a pair of jeans which will hopefully only last a couple of months.