Tub on the Run


The art of self-sabotage

The art of self-sabotage is an art I truly feel I have mastered.  Yes, confidently, I can say that over the last few years, I have perfected the art.

I don’t know exactly why I did it.

My poison of choice

My poison of choice

Not only was a quarter packet of (cheapy, mingy) chocolate biscuits involved in my fall from grace, but unfortunately a handful of wine gums were also snuffled away (though I did leave the black ones, as they’re my least favourite).

I was so annoyed, am still so annoyed.  Why do I do it?!  What compels me to go hunting for bad food in the office like a crazed loon?  I got bored.  I had been left to my own devices for an hour and a half.  It would seem that I regress to being a naughty child.

As penance for my syns, I am going to be heading out for my run in the not too distant future, and I’m going to have to get my speed on to try and burn some of the biscuits off.  Stupid biscuits.  Do you know, they weren’t even nice!  They were cheapy chocolate on too sweet wheatmeal biscuits.  McVities they most certainly weren’t.

Anyway, I managed to cook a pretty healthy tea with M.

Chickpea curry

Chickpea curry

It was a bastardisation of the Keralen Curry in Jamie Oliver‘s 15 Minute Meals book.  As usual, it definitely didn’t take 15 minutes (I swear he is the only person to make that food in 15 minutes!), but it was really tasty.  We made plenty so we had lunch for tomorrow too.

I am going to head out soon, then relax with season 2 of Game of Thrones (which arrived in the post today – love the postman!).


Tub doesn’t do mornings

I missed my usual run last night.  Every month, a bunch of us from work try to go out for a meal.  Sadly, the ringleader had a fairly shocking time following an operation last summer, so we hadn’t actually been out for a long time (opening ceremony of the Olympics, thinking about it).  Anyway, we managed to go out, but this annoyingly interfered with my run.  I had planned to go out when I got home (we weren’t out for long), but then my tummy started doing weird things, so I thought better of the run.  No one likes a Windy Tub moment.

Instead, I vowed to go out this morning.  The alarm went off at 8am, I hit snooze a couple of times, then dragged my ass out of bed and into my running stuff.

It didn’t go quite as well as I expected.  I had expected, having run for 20 minutes, to find this much easier.  Wrong Tub.  Wrong.  It was REALLY hard work – my legs felt like lead, running through treacle.  Top that off with daylight in which people saw my beetroot-ness.  This was not a Tub High Point.  I didn’t even feel good when I came back for my breakfast (which was a “healthy” fry up – all syn free).

Consequently, that has put me in a bit of a low mood, as it is measure day and photo day this week, and I really don’t feel thinner, and I’m definitely not much lighter than when I entered February.  Bah!

In good news though, it seems that M and I are doing quite well on the budget for the wedding, despite me adding another bridesmaid into the mix.