Tub on the Run


New Start Eve

I’ve been running around a lot this week and have covered over 1,000 miles, driven in some truly scary conditions and received a couple more awards!  It’s quite a long catch up post, and I am hoping to have the world back to rights next week.

Monday last week saw me gearing up for a pretty full on week ahead. Thankfully, it was smooth running and I have passed over another part of my old role to the person who replaced me which is great!  Tuesday was a very late night.  I was picked up in the midst of a sleet flurry from Exeter and drove to Chippenham with a marshalling friend.  I am part of a marshalling club (well, I’m actually a member of two), and there are regional committees, and I was elected in to the South West region.  I also picked up two more awards (technically, they’re the same award, but one I get to keep, and one is in my custody for the next year).


I really can’t wait until the season starts again.  Matt and I didn’t do much last year because our holiday was chewed up with weddings and the like, and we’ve both learnt that we need a Monday off if we are marshalling endurance races over the weekend.  What I really like about marshalling is the escapism it provides.  I make no secret of the fact that I find my work stressful and will spend a lot of time thinking about it even when I am not there, which can burn me out.  Marshalling motorsport means that I can’t think of anything else other than what is on track – it is too safety critical.  Yes, of course, there is a love of cars and racing there too, and the camaraderie makes or breaks the weekend (thankfully more often makes than breaks!).

Wednesday was a trip up north to our offices in Huddersfield.  I have never driven in conditions like it, and I was extremely grateful to be driving a hired Insignia – it was like a tank and stayed planted the whole way up.  It meant an overnight stay and a much more peaceful journey back on the Thursday night.

Friday was a normal day at work, catching up on our day and a half out of the office.  It was blowing a proper gale when Matt and I got home, and after listening to it howling around our flat, we decided that a 9:30pm walk to the beach was in order.  Never before have I been able to lean backwards into the wind and for it to keep me upright.  I was glad the tide was on its way out when we were down there though, otherwise we would have been incredibly soggy.

Friday night walk

Yesterday we headed in to Exeter for a bit of a mooch, and to get the stuff together for my Foodie Penpal this month and also buy a new face cream as mine ran out.  I had been using Dermologica, but it stopped working as well over winter.  I now have Lush’s Imperialis which feels great so far, and I’ve been feeding the super dry patches on my cheek with Ultrabalm.  Much much better!  We also picked up father-in-law’s birthday present, despite his birthday being a month away.  I am quite pleased with myself.

Today, I caught up on some reading – 160 blog posts to read through!  It prompted my thoughts to turn back towards running.  I have had two weeks completely off of running.  I’m in two minds as to whether I miss it or not.  I miss the fresh air.  I miss getting out and feeling like I have done something good, but I have also enjoyed the time indoors (not least because we’ve been battered by storms for what feels like months!).

Back to Couch to 5k.  I toyed with the idea of going in a little bit further along in the weeks, but I realised that I have nothing to lose by going right back to Week 1.  Three runs a week, all less than 30 minutes should be enough for me to deal with.  I have also thought to add in some weights.  I don’t have the capacity, financially or spatially, to have my own home gym, but I figured a couple of kettlebells and youtube, and I’m away!  I won’t be adding that in quite yet though.

Run days will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I think.  Routes might be a bit more tricky to work out as I remember from last time that running the same route is dull.  However, the nights will be getting much lighter by the end of Couch to 5k, and I’ll be able to vary it with some trail runs.  Bring on the lighter evenings!  Week one, day one tomorrow – wish me luck!

With food, I don’t have a real plan, and I have no idea what I currently weigh.  I also have no intention of stepping on to the scales until at least the end of the month.  I haven’t really missed Slimming World so far, in fact, not going has allowed me a bit more time on a Tuesday evening.  What I am lacking though is structure.  That’ll be the next phase – structuring food.



Janathon Day 14: Are we nearly there yet?

As I started on the downhill slope to home time, the usual demons started up…

“you don’t want to go out for a run… It’s dark, cold and wet”

I will freely admit that I agreed with my little demon.  It is dark, cold and wet.  I won’t lie – I considered not going out.  Then some synapse fired and reminded me that it is less than 7 weeks to Silverstone Half Marathon, and every little piece of training helps.

I’d considered nipping in to the gym.  It was only meant to be two miles, which is just about bearable on the treadmill.  But no.  I decided to go around the marina, which isn’t a route I usually do.  I thought perhaps the change of scenery would be helpful.

Out of the house I ventured.  Into drizzle, wind and cold I stepped, and of course, my Garmin took a little longer to lock.  Not my best start.  Once the planets had aligned and the Garmin locked on, I started off.  Or rather, I attempted to get the two lumps of concrete attached to my hips moving.  It was unsuccessful.  Ok… Maybe I’ll feel better when I get into it.  After all, I have been harbouring intentions towards trying my hand at lamppost intervals.  I tried a couple of lamppost intervals.  Nope.  Not working.  Ok… Maybe back to familiar territory?  I headed back towards the trainline.  Still nothing.

I never regret going out for a run, despite all my whinging about it beforehand, but I came very close to regretting today’s attempt.

14th Jan Run

I aborted the run as I was becoming progressively more miserable.

Tuesday nights are Slimming World weigh in nights, and I pootled off, convinced that I would have put weight on.  Upon arrival, I took my jacket off, and H (who helps out at Slimming World), pointed out that I had a rather unfortunate wet patch across my chest.  Yep, it looked like I had some pretty spectacular boob sweat going on.  Delightful.  It would appear that my waterproof jacket that I wear for running is not as waterproof as I give it credit for.  Fortunately, I maintained my weight this week, so I didn’t quite put the cherry of a weight gain on what was turning into a rubbish evening.

I got to thinking why my run was so awful today, and I suspect it could be one or a combination of the following:

  • I need to buy a new sports bra.  I had bounce, and bounce is not good.  I need strapping in, and firmly.
  • I haven’t had that much in the way of protein.  I didn’t have much after my long run and I have been sore.  I know that if I eat more protein, I am generally a happier (and less stiff) bunny.
  • I am tired.  A lot of things feel like a chore at the moment, and those things are less physically demanding than running.
  • My legs are physically tired.  Yes, probably they are.  My shins are a bit sore, right ankle isn’t happy and my left knee is joining in the chorus of niggles.
  • Not eating close enough to a run.  I hadn’t eaten anything for nearly 6 hours before I went out (and even then, it was hardly a nutritious meal – a stuffing baguette and Diet Coke).

Four miles are on the card tomorrow.  My plan?  Wear my other bra, bed early tonight, eat something at about 4:30pm and start feeding myself with proper food instead of rubbish.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


Janathon Day 7: WOO! A dry run!!

Cause for celebration – a dry run!  I cannot tell you how good it felt to be able to look up without my eyes stinging from the rain.  I have to admit, I hadn’t held high hopes for a dry run.  When M and I got up for work this morning, a few lightening flashes were sparking across the sky, followed quite some time later by a rolling thunder.  Perhaps 5 minutes later, driving rain and a howling gale swept across the town and it looked like someone had taken a jet wash to our windows.  Thankfully, it didn’t persist into the evening.

A lovely dry run!

I had been gearing myself up to try running a bit faster today and attempt to turn my shortest run of the week into a fast (for me) run, having been buoyed by my fastest pace on my long run.  I am quite pleased to say that I managed to get to 12:32 for mile 1, and 14:12 for mile 2.  For me, the time of my first mile is quick, and I can tell you know, I breathing out my bum for a lot of mile 2 (having puffed out on mile 1).

Today's contribution

Today’s contribution

That counts as one run towards my three per week that I have pledged as part of Jantastic.  I’ve joined Team Run Blog Bake .  We have a facebook group running, and they’re a great bunch – some really inspiring stories from the team!  I think I am going to enjoy getting to know everyone over the next couple of months.

I made my way straight to Slimming World to weigh in after my run.  I am chuffed to be recording a 3.5lb loss for this week.  I haven’t followed the plan fully, but I’ve not done too badly either.  One thing I really do need to work on is making sure I get enough to drink.  I’ve taken a 3 mint tea in to work to help stave off the munchies, which has worked so far (thank you Maria at Running Cupcake for the tip!).  I plan to up my veggies and protein this week, though I must get to Tesco tomorrow, otherwise my plans will fall flat on their face.

I didn’t stay to group.  I have absolutely nothing against newbies (we all were a newbie once), but the sheer amount of people means that group takes much longer, despite our consultant’s best efforts to keep it moving.  When I have been for a run, then sit down for perhaps up to an hour and a half, not only am I ravenous (and bad tempered in my hunger), but I also start to get stiff (and grumpy).  I’ll start going back to group towards the end of January when the New Year’s Resolutionists have gone.

As I dropped my weary carcass onto the sofa, I flicked through the TV programme planner thingy, and there is NOTHING on TV.  Come on Game of Thrones!  It is high time that you were back on my telly box!!  If I am going to be putting these miles in, I demand something good to watch for my efforts!

"Winter is coming" (Not quick enough HBO!)

“Winter is coming”
(Not quick enough HBO!)

Anyway, my Week 1 totals for Janathon are:

Miles run = 12.81

Plank = 19 seconds

Yoga = 50 minutes


So, about Weston Christmas Cracker…

I have been considering not running the Weston Christmas Cracker 10k.  My inner critic reasoned that I wouldn’t be able to run it as only fit people can run it, and besides, what with working my old job and my new job, I haven’t had the mental capacity to add running into the mix (running takes a huge amount of mental effort for me).  All very true.  I haven’t been out, and I failed to follow my Hal Higdon 10k plan.  I’ve managed to get to 4 miles.  Additionally, the inner critic reminded me that I am heavier than I probably should be for my joints, and running is high impact of course.

Then, with some blue sky thinking, I remind myself that regardless of the time I do, it will be a personal best.  It is the only time I’ll be able to do it without failing (unless I fail to finish, but then there will always be another day).  Yeah, I am heavier than recommended, but I have been through my entire “running career”, and the few extra pounds (ok, extra stone), is still one stone less than when I started Couch to 5k in January.  Yes, there is a reasonable chance that I could come last, but someone does have to come last.  If that person is me, then it is me.  I am pretty sure that they don’t shoot the last person back.  Plus, I paid to enter (as is the custom with these kinds of things), and what a waste of money if I don’t do it.  Additionally, I have been severely mince pie deprived so far this year, and this is one of the only acceptable ways that I can have a mince pie (I’m sure it will taste better than all other mince pies by the time I get to the finish line!).  Of course, it’s also “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Having done battled with my inner voices (though I do promise I am not entirely mad), I have convinced myself to do it.  There are aspects that I am not looking forward to.  Specifically, I am not looking forward to my mother-in-law cheering on father-in-law (who will make it home sub-45 mins) and then hanging around waiting for me to come back and have a lot of faux praise.  All I want to see at the end is a mince pie the face of my husband, who will have really understood what an accomplishment it will have been for me.

Mince pies for Fetcham Park

Mince pies for Fetcham Park (Photo credit: ayca13)

I’m trying to work out what is best to take with me.  I have my usual running kit, but what should I take in addition?  I am thinking some food, warm clothes, clean socks, knickers and a bra, deodorant, hairbrush.  All tips welcome!

In other news, I weighed in today, and maintained over the two weeks.  Hurrah!  That is quite good.  Friday involved a delicious three course Thai meal for my Mum’s work’s Christmas Party.  I also drank quite a lot (for me).  Perhaps the yoga yesterday helped, or the 2 mile run today.  Who knows.


New stone zone

Yes, I achieved a new stone zone.  Unfortunately it was of the wrong kind.  Yep, I’ve gone UP into the next stone bracket.

Am I really too worried?  No.  6.5lbs on last week and 1.5lbs on this week is pretty spectacular as a couple of gains, but it hasn’t exactly been a normal couple of weeks, has it?  As our honeymoon ended, I began to crave clean, non-fatty, non-sugary foods.

Craving clean food

I did quite well on the weekend.  I even cracked out the Le Creuset casserole pot to do a pulled pork with veggies (4 syns for each serving, and so filling).  I was quite pleased.  Then I went back to work, and my resolve quickly did a u-turn and headed out the door.  My colleague is leaving this week, so it’s been a complete cake-fest in the office.  I started off quite well, and then ended up nose diving into the bag of cake, barely emerging for breath.  The worst thing is that it is completely mindless eating.  I’m not hungry and I don’t need the sugar.  A Viennese Whirl (Mr Kipling’s variety) is 7 syns a go, and I polished off three in as many minutes.  Then I had various other cakes in addition.  Not an overwhelming success back into the Slimming World way of life I think it is safe to say.

My downfall at the moment is planning (or not as the case may be) and sticking to the plan.  I didn’t know that there were going to be cakes (as she leaves on Wednesday, I knew we’d have cake on Wednesday, but not Monday and Tuesday too).  I should have known, as she has a sweeter tooth than me.  I know that tomorrow, there will be more cakes, and so I must take fruit as an alternative.  I am also going to keep a food diary to hold myself accountable.

Running wise, I must get out and build my miles up, as the Weston Christmas Cracker is in five weeks.  I’m going to take it even slower than usual, given that I currently weigh quite a bit more (nearly 10lbs more) than I did last time I went out.  I don’t want to stress myself out, and on my long runs, I’m more concerned with being able to cover the distance than the speed in which I cover it.

It is back to business as usual now, and while I am a bit peeved to have put on so much weight in such a short space of time, I can’t waste energy on dwelling, but need to use it to move forward and plan and avoid the distractions.


Getting back into it

As we drove home from work, I uttered the usual words… “I don’t want to go on my run tonight”.  The truth is, I rarely want to go on my runs when I’m about an hour or so away from lacing up and going out.  I am fine in the lead up to the run, but it is that pesky one hour before.  I have twigged that I tend to do this, so I had primed M to make sure he kicked my bum out the door.

By the time we actually got home, I wasn’t feeling too bad about it.  I’d mentally mapped out where my capri pants, t-shirt, sports bra, socks and Garmin were.  I’d also given some thought to where my Slimming World stuff was (it’s been a while since I needed it!).  When I got in, I changed, cleaned the cat litter out, packed my bag for Slimming World (card, book, water, money), and said good bye to Matt.

I had decided last week that my 2 mile run would always be on a Tuesday, and it would be my old stomping ground of a beach circuit.

Hal Higdon - 10k Novice plan

Hal Higdon – 10k Novice plan

I may tweak that run to include some beach running once I’ve got my groove properly back on.

I walked my warm up, breaking into a run as soon as my Garmin locked on to a satellite.  I had my music on, and quickly realised that my pace was quite a bit quicker than a lot of the songs I had on my playlist.  That was quite gratifying.  I lip synced my way through the first mile, trying hard to slow my pace down to the beat.  It helped me concentrate on something other than my increasingly burning lungs and leg muscles.  Just before the end of the first mile, I broke to a walk, and promised myself that I would only walk for that song.

I did exactly that.  My second mile was slower, but I ran it to the end, which I was really pleased about.  I know it’s October and all, but I was surprised how dark it is getting in the evenings (I don’t think you notice it so much when you’re indoors), and I am grateful for the renewed peacefulness along the beach.  Don’t get me wrong, I know how important tourists are for our local economy, but boy am I glad when the summer is over and normality can reign supreme once again.

I picked up my Slimming World bag, and headed off to my group, where the verdict after 4 weeks’ absence was a 4lb gain.  I am pleased with that.  I have come away with a food diary to complete, confident that I am going to have a good 6 days on plan (1 day off for my hen party on Saturday).

After I came home and had eaten tea, I uploaded my run onto Garmin Connect, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I actually ran my run today at my fastest average pace so far.  I’m not breaking records, but I’ve hit a 12:52 average pace, compared with the next quickest at 14:45.

I’ve now to got to map out my next run.  I’ve decided that I’ll stick to the roads for the 2 miler, then parkrun (or trails if I can’t get to parkrun) for the 3 milers (which will start being the longest runs, and then become the middle runs), and keep on the roads for the longer runs, as I will probably be doing these on a week night.  I think that’s a good plan.


Weigh in and on to Week 5

I am beginning to notice a bit of a trend with my weigh ins – I have a really good week (like last week), and then I have a less good week, like today.  I put 1lb on this week.  To be honest, with all the upheaval and the (seemingly temporary) reappearance of that black dog, I haven’t really been too focused on my food.  1lb on isn’t going to “break the bank”, and I’m confident that within a couple of weeks, I’ll be down to my new stone zone (well, it’s not technically brand new, but it’ll be new on this side of summer).

In other news, I disappear off out on my run after work this evening, and “explored” another new route.  It isn’t really new, to be honest, as I used to ride the horse around there (she is stabled there still), but I’ve never run it before.  I am pleased with myself actually, because it isn’t the flattest route in the world:

Exe View Lane

See!  Look how steep that is!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I was hardly Mo Farah in terms of speed.  In fact, I may even have been able to walk faster, but importantly, I kept a semblance of running going.  That is now Week 5, Run 1 completed and ticked off my list.  Now, I think I may have to juggle the diary a little bit this week, as I would have planned to parkrun on Saturday morning, but that isn’t possible this week.  Instead, I think I may run on Sunday morning in Cyprus.  Who knows.

On a slight tangent, I was sat in one of our director’s offices this afternoon, and I was looking around his office, I spied a quote on one of his whiteboards that really struck a chord with me, and I shall leave you on that thought:

Don’t be surprised at the results you didn’t get for the work you didn’t do


Good run and Slimmer of the Week

I was much more successful test driving the Garmin last night than I was on Saturday’s slightly disastrous (in terms of technology anyway) parkrun outing.  As I was getting ready for work, I made sure to nip into the living room to plug the Garmin in.  Result!  By the time I came home, it had roughly 10 hours’ worth of charge, so there was no way it wasn’t going to work.  I’d like to say that the ipod/podcast/user issue had been remembered and sorted (I hadn’t downloaded Week 4 of the Couch to 5k podcast at parkrun), but I completely forgot.  Instead of procrastinating further, I decided to just try my hand at Week 5 Run 1.  I reasoned that I probably ran for at least 5 minutes non-stop (just incredibly slowly) on Saturday, so 5 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, repeated three times probably wouldn’t kill me entirely.  Week 5 separates out into three different runs, culminating in the dreaded 20 minutes non-stop running session.  First time round, I managed it without too much difficulty.  It’ll be interesting to see how I get on this time round.  The 20 minute run will be my last run before jetting off on holiday next week.  I did download Week 4 when I got back home from Slimming World, so I’ll be finishing the next two runs on Week 4.

The run went really well.  While I don’t think I could have gone for much longer, I was really pleased that I wasn’t nearly dead at the end of the run.  I enjoyed it as I’d also gone on a brand new route which incorporated road and trail.  The trail was hard as I found I had to concentrate hard to make sure that I wasn’t likely to break my ankle on a tree root.  I feel buoyed and confident that I won’t have a problem completing Week 4.

Week 5 Run 1 03.09.13

As for the Yurbuds, I was really impressed with them.  I didn’t think that they’d actually stay put, given that they are earphones rather than headphones, but they didn’t budge.  I am chuffed with them – they’re really comfortable, I forgot I was wearing them except when I’d accidentally catch the cord, and even then they didn’t come out.  The only initial thing I’ve found is that they let quite a lot of wind noise in.  To be fair, I don’t know if that’s just because I had the volume level really low (I was running on a single track road and trails, so I wanted to be able to hear well).  The sound quality is good though, and I’m sure the wind noise will be less of an issue when I have the volume up more normally.

Après run, I remembered to pack a clean t-shirt and some body spray (I feel like I am particularly stinky after exercise at the moment – I am sure I nearly killed both myself and M off in the car on the way home from Killerton at the weekend).  The food diary challenge went well, and I took mine in for scrutinising.  I think one thing I really noticed is that I am particularly poor at getting my Health Extra A (which is mostly calcium based foods, for those non-Slimming Worlders).  In the past 7 days, I have only succeeded in eating my “A” choice twice.  I think I need to revisit the book and see what I can have, other than cheese or milk (or which varieties of cheese and milk I can have).

Food Diary Front

Food Diary Back

So, the food diary went well, and this showed on the scales with a 4.5lb loss and made me Slimmer of the Week (woo!).  Not only has it been good for my weight loss efforts, but it’s also been a good reminder from a mental perspective.  I have actually enjoyed the week, being nearly 100% on the wagon (only two days that detract from that are Saturday and Sunday, where I had too many syns, but not by excessive amounts).  I’ve eaten plenty of food, food that has been good for me.  Honestly, if every week was like this, then I’d have lost all the weight ages ago!  The strange thing is that I don’t feel especially motivated.  I feel like this is “normal”, it isn’t a battle, I’m not prowling round the house grumbling that I can’t find any biscuits, crisps, sweet things, etc.  I also don’t feel like I have been chained to the kitchen, which is how I sometimes feel, and I think makes me a bit despondent.  I’m sure the feeling will wear off, and I’ll be ninja like in my attack on unsuspecting food, but I’m enjoying the feeling right now.  What have I done differently?

  1. I have tried new foods.  I have a couple more to try too.  The variety has been nice.
  2. I have put some suitable foods on – quick easy meals for when we’re pushed for time.  I’ve also cracked out the slow cooker again (well, it is nearly autumn!).
  3. I’ve used food as a treat.  Shock… horror!!  My sister sent me this very funny cartoon on Facebook, and I was nearly in tears reading it.  Page 2, and the Bleurgh is so true!  However, if I want to reward my parkrun efforts with a homemade brownie, why shouldn’t I?  Or if I want a fry up (which is a grill up anyway) after a run, why shouldn’t I?  I am reward oriented, but I am also geared more towards immediate gratification, and sometimes, promising myself a DIY pedicure at the weekend for my good efforts just doesn’t cut it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that every single time I do something, I’ll reward with food (I know I’m not a dog!), but it’s good not to limit the options.  Food is not the enemy, my lack of self-restraint/control is.

All in all, I’m pleased with both the run and the weight loss.


To continue with the gym or not… that is today’s question

I, for one, am looking forward to a return to normality.  These last two weeks have been quite busy with one thing and another, and I am looking forward to being able to establish a better routine. 

At my Slimming World group this week, I weighed in and miraculously recorded a “no change”.  Ok, the scales may not have shown a change, but I felt blobby and bloated.  I deserved a large gain, and I feel a bit guilty for somehow “cheating” the system.  Our consultant then said that she was going to run a food diary challenge, and that if we would like to complete a food diary to share around with the group, that might be a good way to see what success looks like and get some ideas for different foods.  I immediately looked to H and said the challenge was on!  Wednesday, I managed not to have any syns and yesterday wasn’t much better, with a token Hob Nob just to make sure I registered something.  I have tried couscous pancakes though, and I’m quite impressed by them (they sound wrong, but they’re like little Scotch pancakes).  You’re meant to have between 5 and 15 syns a day, and not having them isn’t ideal.  Must try harder!

Today isn’t looking too bad.  I’m out for tea tonight, and having looked at the menu, there are a couple of salads that I think could fit the bill.  The alternative is pizza, and I’m not feeling pizza right now.

parkrun logo

Tomorrow I am parkrunning.  I have been told I am.  My new Garmin hasn’t seen the light of day yet, so it will make its debut tomorrow.  I realised I haven’t actually been running for a long time (maybe two months), and I need to make an assessment of where I currently am in my running fitness levels.  I have a couple of exciting things coming up in terms of running, and I need to make sure that I can pick up at least some of Couch to 5k soon.  I’m going to pick a run from Week 4 and run it tomorrow.  If I feel ok, then I will plan to progress my next run to Week 5 and assess again. 

I am currently debating whether to cancel my gym membership.  I admit that I haven’t exactly been a regular gym bunny of late, and I don’t really see that changing much.  I’ve fallen completely out of love with the gym itself – I’d rather run outside, do weights or mat work at home.  For classes, I haven’t been spinning in ages and I can’t motivate myself to get back into it.  Honestly?  I don’t care much for the new spin studio.  Our old one used to have windows and a view (admittedly, of a car park, but it was enough to act as a distraction).  The new one is a disused squash court – no windows, no natural ventilation and wet walls from the condensation.  Is that me making an excuse?  Yes it is.  But I don’t feel inspired to go there at the moment.  Plus, it’s a real sweat box in the summer.  Zumba?  Well, I haven’t been for months and months.  The only class I can get to is on a Monday, and it works out more economically viable to pay for the classes individually if I’m only going once a week.  I need to do at least 7 classes a month to make the membership worthwhile.  Some time ago, Mum and I were having a chat about things and she said that I’m very much an “all or nothing” kind of person – I’m either going to the gym all the time, or not at all.  My food is either 100% on plan, or dire.  She’s right (as my mum usually is), and I don’t think that having a running programme plus a huge amount of classes to attend is going to be right – I’ve done it before and I just end up being a little sad that I’m never home.  Then I get bored and despondent and stop all together. Now is the time for some moderation.

I’ve rattled on about the cons of the gym, but what are the pros?  It’s one place that I get to see a couple of friends.  We work hard in the class, but it’s nice to catch up before and natter after.  I should make the effort to see them more outside of the gym though.  It does also mean that I can go to the dreadmill if I really need to, and there is air conditioning.  There is also variety.  If I get bored of, let’s say, Zumba Tone, I can change to Kettlebells with no additional costs.  I could use the pool (for context, the last time I graced the pool was probably when I was about 13 years old).  There is the “what if” factor.  What if I really want to go spinning?  What if I get injured and the only way I can exercise is to swim?  Hmm… I am sure they’d let me rejoin, and I can pay as I go.

Anyway, that’s enough gym talk.  I’m off to mentally prepare myself for parkrun!


Woman of the Year Nominations

Last week, I had a text from my Slimming World consultant, saying that I had been nominated for Woman of the Year.  What is Woman of the Year?  It is about the people who have provided the most inspiration to the group, voted by the members of the group.  I was voted last year, when I had only (relatively recently) joined my current group.  I was unprepared for it last year, and to be fair, I hadn’t really lost that much weight (given I dithered a lot with my weight loss last year).

I was touched to be nominated again this year, and I felt more positive about the whole experience.  I was also a bit more prepared.  The consultant likes you to bring in things to highlight your weight loss.  Frustratingly, despite being nearly 3 stone lighter, there isn’t too much change in terms of dress size (which partly leads me to believe that I may have crept into a size 24, but squeezed myself into a size 22).  Anyway, what is obvious to me, is that you can see my eyes better, I’m not as pudgy faced.  This is the collage that I took with me:

Woman of the Year

I enjoyed the evening, as it is always nice to hear recaps of other peoples’ stories that can get glossed over week on week.  I find my group to be a really friendly, welcoming and inspiring place to be, and there have been some amazing losses (my friend H has lost over 5 stone, and G has lost 4.5 stone).  H was nominated and won, which was really great – she’s a real inspiration to anyone who doesn’t think they can do it.

I weighed in last night and lost 1.5lbs.  I am a little bit out of sync with it, and I thought I’d put weight on.  I really need to have a look in my booklet to see what I actually weigh.

I had planned to get out for a run this week, but it’s a really busy week again (Monday was shopping, Tuesday was Slimming World, tonight I had my eyebrows done and started packing for the weekend, tomorrow I’m in late for work, and Friday we’re off to Silverstone).  Yes, I could get up early, but I am trying to get into a good bedtime routine before I start messing around with my wake up time.  I am definitely benefitting from attempting a proper routine.  Ultimately, I know that I really do have to make the time to go for a run, and I need to remember that it is just half an hour to 40 minutes.  Next week is looking a lot clearer, so I will definitely be able to get out for a few runs.

Organisation wise, I’m doing well.  I made tonight’s tea last night (in part because I forgot I’d defrosted some chicken and we hadn’t planned on chicken last night).  Meals are planned for the rest of the week, and at the moment, I’m not fighting the constant urge to stray and seek high fat/sugar foods (though I have gone off chocolate a bit).  I feel much more rested and comfortable with where I am at the moment (certainly in comparison to the last few weeks).