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T minus 1 to my Whole 100

It’s Whole 100 Eve today! I’ve decided to take some time out to blog about where I am right now, with pictures and everything. In my January Whole 30, I made the mistake of forgetting to take any before pictures. This time, I’ve remembered!

Starting Point

This is my starting point. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I felt like an over-stuffed sausage, squeezing into these capri pants again. It’s a long time since I wore them last, and man can I feel the extra pounds in this! I am also cringing a little to post this, but I’m desperately trying to remind myself that this is my “before” photo. It’s going to get better from here.

Whole 100 Minus Day 1 Beyond the Sofa

Obviously it should go without saying – apologies for the awful hair and lack of make up. It’s Sunday – that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it! I’ve weighed myself, measured myself, and taken photographs. One thing? I am definitely hoping for a bit more of a tan in 100 days! I’m still undecided what I am going to do about weighing in over the course of the Whole 100. In my Whole 30 round up from January, the creators of Whole 30 think you should look at the achievements beyond the scale, but when you have such a large amount to lose, I think it is helpful, so I am going to do what works for me. I don’t want to be beholden to the scale like I used to feel when I did Slimming World, but I also don’t feel ready to go it solo.

Anyway, I think it’s fair to say that my weight loss seems to have ground to a halt lately. I’m bobbing around the same couple of pounds, and I find myself regularly overeating just because it’s there.

Energy and other stuff

I honestly feel like I live in a kind of “coffee cannot cure this kind of tired” way at the moment. I have quite defined peaks and troughs in my energy (don’t ask me for anything between 3:30pm and 5:00pm – it won’t get done). My procrastination levels are possibly reaching new highs too. This has been further compounded by some really awful sleep. Normally I’m a good sleeper, but lately, my sleep has been quite broken. I’ve been quite good at getting to bed on time, as I had promised myself that I would do, though my weekends need some work! The sleep itself though has been decidedly naff.

Let’s talk about skin, hair and nails. Now, I’m going to paint you a lovely picture with words. I think I’m turning into a crust. My skin is so awfully dry and flaky. My scalp is sore with painful dandruff. My nails are super thin and brittle. I’m truly gorgeous! I had a facial a couple of weeks ago in the hope of sorting my skin out, but even that didn’t really help.

About my Whole 100

When I wrote my post about doing a Whole 100 a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d be able to breeze through it with no real issues. How hard can it be? It’s only 3 lots of Whole 30 plus 10 days. I’ve done 3 Whole 30s already after all. Then, I suddenly start thinking that actually, 100 days is really long and that I don’t want to be a hermit. Then I remembered it is the Devon County Show in a couple of weeks, and I won’t be able to eat the wonderful cheeses, breads and other samples. Then I remembered that I am out with friends the following week. Then I remembered that I am actively choosing to do this, for good reasons, and that in the grand scheme, 100 days really isn’t very long and I will be able to eat out as normal but I’ll have to be that person. It’ll be fine.

I’m expecting the first couple of weeks to be a standard Whole 30 affair, with some grumpiness, some breakouts, some issues with tiredness and concentration. From around Day 30 onwards, I would anticipate either some food boredom or plate envy, and maybe a desire to binge eat. I suspect I’ll probably have a bit of a grump around then too, though that is wandering into uncharted territory at that point.

I’ll be blogging about it, but it won’t be as frequent as my January Whole 30, as, y’know, 100 days and all.

I have a “send off” of chicken fajitas and tiramisu, so I am going to head off and have my tea. Wish me luck!



Ultimate Coffee Date – May 2016

It’s that time again! I would say let’s have a coffee, but it’s getting a bit late now, so caffeine probably isn’t the best idea! I have just got in from my day out, so I have a glass of water by my side.

If we were having a drink, I would probably have said that motorsport season is now upon us. So far, Matt and I have managed to get out to Brands Hatch for the British Touring Car Championship, and to Silverstone for the World Endurance Championship. Matt won tickets to Brands, which isn’t a circuit we had been to before, so that was quite nice. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on the Saturday, but a bit nippy on the Sunday.

Ginetta GT4 Supercup Brands Hatch April 2016

Silverstone was very similar. It is the first time that I haven’t marshalled that particular meeting in about 6 years, and it felt quite nice to just be a spectator and walk around. I definitely got my steps in on the first day that we were there, but then I discovered the beanbag lounge (or wife crèche as I like to call it). The Sunday brought quite a cold wind, so as I opted to stay inside a bit more, I ended up taking less steps. The highlight of Matt’s weekend was meeting Mark Webber while he was having a meeting in one of the media suites. I was sat on the free bus, taking a ride around the circuit. Typical!

Dane Train 95 AMR World Endurance Championship Silverstone Aprl 2016

If we were catching up, you’d probably notice I am not much thinner than when we last met! Weight loss has not been my strong suit this month – with three busy weekends and manic working weeks, I’m not beating myself up about it. I think I’m actually about half a pound up from my Ultimate Coffee Date in April. I’m not too worried though – I’m about to start my Whole 100 (a Whole 30, but 100 days instead of 30… Eek!).

If we were having a drink, you would probably know that the stress that I have from work is about to ramp up quite a bit as my friend and colleague resigned. She leaves in a week (where has the time gone!?). I’m still not ready for her to go, but I’m actually doing quite well on what I promised myself I would do. I took some time out last weekend to do a huge amount of batch cooking, partly in preparation for my Whole 100, but also to prepare myself for work demanding a bit more from me.

Whole 100 meal prep

I also took some time off to have a good run through the house in terms of housework which felt good. I’m never sure quite how we manage to generate so much laundry between the two of us, but I was definitely glad of the nice weather when I had my day off so that I could put my washing out to dry (with help – this lovely little cat always comes over to say hi when I put the washing out.  I’m sure the neighbours think I’m mad for talking to her).

Washing Line Help

I’m also trying to get a bit more fresh air while I’m at work, though this, along with getting to bed by 10:30pm are proving to be areas for improvement. Overall though, I’m feeling quietly confident that I won’t emerge in July as a complete nervous wreck.

If we were having a catch up, what would you tell me?

Thank you as always to Lynda, Coco and Deborah for hosting Ultimate Coffee Date.  Thanks as always to Deborah, Lynda and Coco for hosting Ultimate Coffee Date each month! I think it’s a lovely way to catch up with and discover new blogs.


Weigh in Wednesday 15: At a loss over a gain

Weigh in Wednesday 15

Getting straight to it, I appear to have put on two pounds this week. Two gains in a row, 5lbs in total. And I’m a bit confused.

I wasn’t surprised with my gain last week, but this week I am a bit confused. I’ve had a bit of a think and my food choices haven’t been too bad. Okay, they haven’t been super amazing, but they haven’t been too bad. Looking at my UP info though it seems I have been much less active than normal.

Weigh in Wednesday 15

The only day that I have really done well was when I volunteered at parkrun this weekend. I definitely need to be upping my movement over the next week. The weekend won’t be too difficult to get moving a bit more as Matt and I are off to Silverstone. My main problem is getting my steps in during the week. As my workload has increased (again) I am becoming more and more desk bound, so I need to make the effort to get outside.

Hopefully next week will be better.


Weigh in Wednesday 13: Easter Egg Management

Weigh in Wednesday 13

Have I broken the Easter cycle? Maybe! I have very fond memories of Easter Sunday’s breakfast being an egg.

I didn’t do that this year, and in fact, I didn’t have masses of chocolate to eat. Normally, we’d go to my parents’ house for the day, and I’d haul my eggs home, and they would become the other food group that my meals would be based around. Not this time. I’ve decided that rather than binge eat them all (which is pretty tough to do anyway with dark chocolate, but I’d manage it), I have left my eggs at Mum and Dad’s, safe in the knowledge that they’ll survive longer there and I’ll enjoy it more when I do eat them.

As for the rest of the weekend, I ate pretty normally (with the exception of eating my fair share of Mum’s absolutely amazing shortbread, and the first ice cream of the year).

First Ice Cream

It turns out that by not binge eating ALL THE CHOCOLATE, I have dropped another 2lbs this week, which I am pretty chuffed with.  That takes my total weight loss this year down to 22lbs. I’ve said that when I hit my original Slimming World starting weight I would restart Couch to 5k. I’m about 5lbs away from that point. It’s still a stone heavier than when I completed Couch to 5k for the first time, but I think if I am sensible about it, and realistic in my expectations that I most probably am not going to complete it in the normal 9 weeks, then it’ll all be good.

My focus over the next week is to make sure I drink enough. I’m really beginning to feel sluggish, headachy and a bit naff at work, which I think is dehydration. The girls in the office like the temperature to be a couple of degrees cooler than the surface of the sun, and I can literally feel myself drying out.

What’s your favourite chocolate? Mine is probably Montezuma’s milk chocolate with chilli and lime. I don’t have it very often, so it feels like a real treat.


Weigh in Wednesday 12: The return

Weigh in Wednesday 12

Given that I weighed myself at the weekend, I wasn’t expecting to lose anything at all, and true to form, I have stayed the same. I’m pretty pleased about that, as my eating has been a bit sporadic over the last couple of days with my lunch being whatever I can find at whatever time I can take it. I need to make sure I carve out a bit of time to eat at a sensible time, and not the 4pm that it has been.

Good news is though, that our fridge freezer is now repaired and I can start batch cooking again. After my last batch cook, the freezer started to go on the blink (again – third time it has happened, and it’s only 7 months old), and we lost most of the meals I’d prepared. The ones we had were pretty tasty, so I am hoping to spend some of the long weekend doing a batch cook so we can get back to some sort of normal.

I’ve been giving the Whole 30 another good think. I am planning to do another one in July anyway, and I was considering sneaking another one in before then. I don’t think that my diet has gone totally awry but I do need to tidy it up a bit. Bread has snuck back in, along with microwave meals. Foor has definitely needed to come under the “convenience” category recently, as my working hours have been quite long. I’ve decided for the time being to hold off on another Whole 30 as I have a couple of evenings out and I am travelling with work (to the exotic location of Bradford…).

Anyway, other notable events this week were giving blood. I successfully gave my 11th donation. I would like to say that I am catching my mum and sister up, but that would be a massive overestimation – they’re both charging ahead in the 30s! I do wonder if losing weight will make my veins easier to find or get in to, as I seem to have problem veins.

I am very much looking forward to the bank holiday weekend. We don’t have loads planned, but I am looking forward to just taking a rest from work (says the girl who had a week off at the start of the month!).

Have you got any plans for the Easter weekend?


Surprise! A candid photo

I have to admit that since just before we decorated our bedroom, I hadn’t seen my scales to step onto and find out the state of play. I’d assumed that because I hadn’t been following any kind of eating plan at all, that the scales wouldn’t make for happy reading when I did eventually unearth them.

Then, as I was putting together the decorating post, I asked Matt if he could send over any pictures that he had of the room. He sent me over the picture below.  My heart sank.

Candid shot

This picture is hard for me to post. Having unearthed my scales and weighed myself now, I know that I’ve actually lost the couple of pounds that I put on in mid-February and I’m back to my lowest weight of 2016, possibly even 2015. I’m 21 and a half pounds down since my January weigh in. But on Saturday, this was of little consolation.

I spent time on Saturday genuinely considering the question, can body dysmorphia work two ways? I know that typically body dysmorphia is where the person thinks that they’re much larger than they actually are. But can it go the other way? Can you think you’re smaller than you are? Regardless, I have clearly been telling myself that I am much smaller than I actually am, and catching a candid shot has opened a bit of a wound. The more frustrating thing? I’ve lost 21.5 lbs. This isn’t even me at my heaviest. I was a stone and half fatter than this at the beginning of the year.

That night, I attended my pity party. The thing is, I’ve done the long and protracted pity stage. I’ve done the self-loathing stage. Have either turned out to be a successful strategy for improvement? No. Quelle surprise. Wounds won’t heal if you constantly pick at them. So after a bit of a miserable evening, I tried to kick myself out of it on Sunday morning. It was no easy thing, especially mixed with the mother of all period pains. But after the horror of seeing that photo, I know I have made a good start on my weight loss this year and I just need to keep up the momentum.

Part of my Easter weekend will be devoted to some good old fashioned batch cooking. Our freezer has been broken for weeks, and the repair man is coming out (hopefully for the last time) on Wednesday. I’ll also be restarting my Fitness Blender FB Fit, which I had stopped as I hadn’t made it a priority.

If nothing else, this photo has served to put me back on track with a better focus. On the plus side? It can be a progress photo for the future!


Weigh in Wednesday 11: Progress

Weigh in Wednesday 11

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I feel much more chipper this week compared with last week. I think partly it’s because I had a great weekend, which always helps to smooth things out. Not only was it a good weekend, but I’ve done something right this week too in terms of weight loss. My weight loss this week was much more in line with what I was hoping for. I am now 20 lbs down from my last weigh in of 2015, losing just under 4lbs this week. Perseverance has paid off.

One thing it hasn’t been the week for is my Fitness Blender workouts. I ended up binning off Friday in the thought that I would pick it all back up on Sunday. Sunday rolled around, and I don’t think I realised quite how tired I was going to be, and my legs were still sore from sumo squats earlier last week. This week, I didn’t complete the video on Monday as I was really late home from work. Tuesday wasn’t much better as Matt had booked two tickets to see Deadpool. I have to admit, I’m not a great lover of the cinema. I like being able to get up, make a cup of tea, fidget etc. The trade-off was going out for tea before the film. Matt wanted to go to Giraffe, which I am always happy to go to. Ever since Anna posted about some absolutely amazing ribs she’d had, I had a bit of a hankering for them. Matt isn’t keen, so they aren’t something that we have at home. This was my chance! I chose the half rack of ribs and swapped my skin-on fries for sweet potato fries. So good! The ribs were really tender and meaty. If we had the time, I would have liked a hot chocolate, but we needed to get a wriggle on to make it to the cinema on time.

Arriving at Vue, the smell of warm sweet and salty popcorn nearly made me plunge face first into the counter. The struggle was real while we both contemplated pudding from the cinema (pick ‘n’ mix or popcorn for me, Ben and Jerry’s for Matt). The hard-headed budget reasoning came in to play, and we decided that it was too expensive and we didn’t actually need it, being comfortably full from dinner. I was glad we didn’t. As for Deadpool, I’m not really a big comic book/movie fan, but this had me in stitches – any film that references Mama June from Honey Boo Boo (my absolute guilty pleasure of trash TV) is going to get my vote!


Anyway… I need to get my Fitness Blender grove back on and get sweating again. This is my third week, so I think I’ll probably take some mid-way point photos at the end of next week to see if I can see a difference. I am enjoying most of the workouts, though I’m not a massive cardio/kickboxing fan. I just can’t do the arms and the boxer shuffle at the same time. It’s a mess. Limbs flail everywhere, with no real direction in mind. Perhaps it’s something I’ll get a bit better at over time. On the plus side, I think I’ll be ready to upgrade my weights soon as my little dumbbells aren’t causing the same muscle burn that they did when I first started.

What was the last thing you saw at the cinema?