Tub on the Run


Easter and a Special Birthday

Good Friday marked the start of the week off for Matt and I.  Our first week off since Christmas.  It coincided really well with my first marshalling weekend of the season at Silverstone.  On Friday, instead of making the mad dash up and pitching the tent in the dark, we drove up at a leisurely pace and pitched in daylight.  Once we’d got ourselves unpacked, we went for a bimble around the circuit.  Our friends, H and G (from Slimming World) drove up later on.  It was their first time at Silverstone, and they seemed to enjoy it.


After a night of being freezing cold, despite our little heater in the tent, I marshalled on my least favourite post, Copse Inside.  Nothing ever really happens on Copse Inside, and Saturday was no exception.  The saving grace was my team – they were fantastic and I spent the day with two friends I’d made a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately, after a long day’s marshalling, the evening took a real nose dive.  The ridiculous security team at Silverstone (a contracted out service) decided to unplug our electricity, plunging us into 4 degrees at an alarming speed.  I’d failed to warm up all day, and Matt flat out refused to camp without a heater.  We checked to see if there were any local hotels with rooms, but sadly other holiday makers had beaten us to it.  And so at 9pm, Matt decided enough was enough and we were going home.  We bundled out sleeping bag and blankets in to H and G’s tent for extra layers and made our way back to Devon, stopping off at the McDonald’s at Cribbs Causeway at midnight for some tea.

Sunday was mostly based around us sleeping and getting over some snots that we’d picked up.  It wasn’t a motorsport free day though, and we learnt that the race I was meant to be marshalling that day had been cancelled in the 5th hour because the weather had taken a turn for the worse.

Monday was Dad’s unbirthday.  Because of the way that half-term fell, my sister was due to go back home on the Monday afternoon, so Mum cooked a nice lunch for us all to celebrate his birthday.  We gave him his presents then too.  Mum and Gran gave him a new camera – a Panasonic DMC G5.


Yesterday was his actual birthday, so Mum had the day off, and the four of us went to the West Somerset Railway for the day.  We didn’t have the greatest weather, but it was a nice day out.  Dad is very much into his steam trains, and we have spent many many days at the West Somerset (among other places), and who doesn’t love a steam train!

West Somerset Railway

We alighted at Minehead, where the rain continued while we wandered up and down the town.  It is a shame the weather wasn’t nicer, otherwise we would have walked up to Dunster for a wander around the castle.


Tea was at the Saddler’s Arms in Lympstone on the way home.  We haven’t had food in their for years.  As a family, we used to eat there at least once a month on a Saturday.  The food was plentiful, tasty and budget friendly.  Then, I’m not sure what happened, but it bombed a bit – the prices went up and the quality went down.  I think a lot of the old customers were driven away, and the pub has struggled to get back to its heyday ever since.  A few years have passed so we thought we’d drop it.  It was okay.  Most of our meals were fine, but poor Dad’s was stone cold.  The chef was lovely though and got a replacement as quickly as he could.

So, happy birthday Papa-Tub – we hope you enjoyed taking your camera for a spin!