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Whole 30 Days 28 to 30: Round 3 complete!


Happy Day 30 to me! I am going to get my thoughts down on how all of my Whole 30 went during round 3, but for now, I’ll carry on with my previous format.

Day 28

Breakfast: Fruit and almonds

Lunch: Beef stew with carrot and swede mash

Tea: Chicken korma with cauliflower rice

How I’m feeling: I have to admit I feel pretty sad today. It isn’t food related, but I was shocked to hear about the passing of Terry Wogan. As a self-confessed, and perhaps premature Radio 2 listener (a TOG if you will), Terry Wogan, Deadly Alancoat (Alan Dedicoat), Lynn Bowles and Boggy Marsh accompanied me on all of my commutes to work when I lived in Chesterfield. There were a lot of times that I had to stay in the car just to hear the end of whatever they were talking about, often belly laughing about snorkers or a poem. Incensed when Chris Evans joined, I reconverted back to Radio 1 with Chris Moyles, but it wasn’t the same (I don’t dislike that many people, but I really don’t like Chris Evans). Instead, Terry then accompanied Matt and I when we went on Sunday morning journeys. It was fitting then, as I was at Mum’s for lunch, that we ate and listened to her CD of Janet and John stories (please check them out if you haven’t heard of them before, they’re pure genius).

Anyway, back in Whole 30 land, Mum very kindly cooked a beef stew and served it with swede and carrot mash, which made it completely Whole 30 compliant. It was really tasty too. I had a lovely afternoon catching up and putting the world to rights with Mum, and providing a warm lap to this nutter…


He’s so gorgeous. It’s been another good day, plenty of energy despite the late night last night. I definitely feel that I’m riding the crest of the wave.

Day 29

Breakfast: Fruit and almonds

Lunch: Salad with a couple of slices of beef

Tea: Pulled pork with sweet potato

How I’m feeling: I am pleased about the return of sweet potatoes! It has been quite a long time for us to have gone sweet potato free. It was another late night, and all things considered, I don’t feel bad at all. I’ve had a really productive day at work, which continued in to the evening. I had some stuff to do when we got home, then had tea, and then made up a meatloaf and prepared a stew which will be cooked tomorrow. It does mean that we’re eating meatloaf for the next few meals, but I don’t mind that too much. I also prepared breakfast. I can’t believe it’s Day 29 already!

Day 30

Breakfast: Eggs with pancetta and tomatoes

Lunch: Meatloaf

Tea: Meatloaf with carrot noddles and cauliflower rice

How I’m feeling: I am feeling excellent. I had a long team meeting this morning, and I felt that I was alert and able to contribute without any mental fug or distractions about feeling hungry. I have kept back up on my fluid intake again, though I have noticed I’ve started to get a sore throat. I am hoping it’s nothing and I’ll be able to fight it off quickly if it does develop in to anything. Matt weighed himself this morning, and he reckons that he has lost a whopping 25lbs! That is really fantastic, and I couldn’t be more pleased for him! He’s ready to go down the next jeans size too, so he’s pretty chuffed with it all.

I really can’t believe how quickly these 30 days have gone and how different this Whole 30 has been compared to my previous two efforts. As I said, I will be doing a full recap of all the 30 days over the next couple of day, but if you want to catch up with my previous days, they’re all here:


Whole 30 Days 25 to 27: Maced by Cayenne Pepper

After 24 days of eating sweet potato every day, we’ve actually gone sweet potato-less for the last few days. Matt was getting a bit fed up of it. On the other hand, I can eat sweet potatoes until they come out of my ears.

Day 25

Breakfast: Egg with pancetta and cherry tomatoes

Lunch: Pina Colada chicken

Tea: Pulled pork with carrot noodles

How I’m feeling: I’ve had a random headache most of the day. I don’t think I’ve been as good as I have been with drinking my water today. I’ve easily been finishing my litre bottle at work, with a refill and a couple of cups of (fruit/herbal) tea. I haven’t even managed three quarters of my bottle today. I’ve also done a lot of computer work which probably hasn’t helped. Lesson learnt! Food wise, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for lunch. Luckily I found the last Pina Colada chicken in the freezer. Matt had a “mystery” curry (I couldn’t even remember when I made it, so I suspect it came with us in the house move). Aside from this stupid headache, I’m still feeling good, everything is settled and I just feel a bit more alive and “with it”.

Day 26

Breakfast: Didn’t have any

Lunch: Leftover pulled pork with carrot noodles

Tea: Spiced chicken with veggie couscous

How I’m feeling: I hadn’t prepared anything for breakfast, but I wasn’t actually too hungry and survived until lunchtime. I definitely seem to be coping better with going without for longer. Right now though, I’m feeling recovered! I may have got a bit sprinkle happy with the Cayenne pepper over the chicken and forgot quite how spicy it can be. I cooked it on the skillet, and literally maced both of us. Runny noses, runny eyes, coughing fits, and having to breathe through my jumper. Cooking was quite the ordeal today. Also, my mascara is definitely not waterproof. Even the cats retreated upstairs. Once my eyes and nose had stopped streaming and I’d stopped coughing, the chicken tasted pretty good – just the right amount of kick to it.  Matt and I were talking about how we’ve found this round of Whole 30, and he said he thinks his portion control is  a lot better. I actually thought it was similar to our pre-Whole 30 portion sizes, but I guess they may have got a little smaller.

Day 27

Breakfast: nearly a Whole 30 disaster

Lunch: Salad with chicken and balsamic vinegar

Tea: Chicken korma with carrot noodles

How I’m feeling: It’s been quite a busy one today! First up, it was a mass hair cutting day for Matt and I. Matt was beginning to get lost under his mop, and I was shutting my hair in the car door when I was getting in as it was too long. We were running a bit late, so I thought I’d have the Nudie coconut chips that I bought from Muscle Food. I grabbed them without looking at the ingredients list. Big oops. I started chewing on a couple while I looked at the back, and ended up spitting them out. No way that I was restarting my Whole 30 at Day 27! Anyway, on the way back from the hairdressers, we stopped at Darts Farm. My parents-in-law and grandparent-in-law were coming over to see the house for the first time since we moved in. Normally, we would have all gone out for lunch, but Matt had explained that as I was on a strict Whole 30, he doubted we would find anywhere compliant. I was having a bit of a panic what to feed people – it’s lunch, so you don’t want to go too heavy, but a salad seems un-wintery. Despite that, we ended up buying salad stuff with some quiche. As usual when I go to Darts Farm, I came out with more than I’d originally intended to buy.

This stuff is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not normally a fan of instant coffee at all, but this is lovely. What’s even better – Little’s Coffee is just down the road from us. Will and Caroline from Little’s were at Darts Farm, explaining about their products. Unfortunately we were in a bit of a rush to get home in time, so after a very brief chat and Caroline’s recommendation, I picked up the vanilla infused coffee. At home, mad last minute hoovering ensued, and then everyone arrived. Mother- and father-in-law brought us some beautiful flowers, while Nan very kindly bought a veggie and fruit box for us. I made a start on lunch while Matt did the grand tour. Matt worked the sales pitch on the Whole 30 to Nan, and showed her Nom Nom Paleo. She would now like a copy, so I ordered one to be sent to her. Lunch went down well (phew!) and we had a good catch up. They left at about 3pm. For tea, I cooked the korma from a paste packet I found at Darts Farm, and we settled in to watch Straight Outta Compton for the night.


Anyway, I’m feeling good. I’ve had good energy, I’m sleeping well, my skin is clearing up nicely and my jeans are too big.

A lot of people will have finished their Whole 30 on Saturday, so congratulations to those who have made it through – hope the reintroduction phase goes well! I finish on Tuesday.

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Whole 30 Days 22 to 24: Up, up and away

Since my last post, my Whole 30 goodness has really started to come in to its own (at last!). A couple of irritating breakouts aside, the summary is – I’m feeling great! For me, ignoring the grumps and grottiness from earlier in my Whole 30, this is what it’s all about.

Day 22

Breakfast: Didn’t have any

Lunch: Prawn stir fry

Tea: Chicken in tomato sauce with sweet potato

How I’m feeling: I feel really good! I had the day off today by myself as I was owed holiday from last year. I had quite a relaxed start, made a cup of tea but didn’t really feel like having any breakfast. Despite being technically on holiday, I had some work that I needed to do so cracked on with that, interspersed with doing the washing. By lunchtime I was quite hungry so I made prawn stir fry which was really lovely. It did use the last of my cashew butter though (sad times). I definitely want to cook something with chillies in it soon as I am missing some heat in my food.

Prawn Stir Fry

As I came towards the end of my work and the laundry pile, I remembered that Matt said he needed some chopped tomatoes and passata for the sauce for tea, so I decided to go out for a walk. Instead of heading straight to Tesco, I went the long way, before deciding the go past Tesco and walk to the bottom of town to Aldi. I bloody love Aldi. I’d not really shopped there before December but I’m a convert. I don’t think you can taste the difference either!

Leat Walk

I got home and set about doing some washing up, clearing the surfaces down and also sorting out the cat litter (the joys!). All in all, it’s been a good day. I’ve had plenty of energy (so I haven’t spent the whole day sat on my bum as I probably would have done two weeks ago) and I’ve been quite productive. When Matt came home, we had tea and settled in to watch Legend.

Day 23

Breakfast: Two poached eggs and some thick cut ham

Lunch: Chicken in tomato sauce with veggie couscous

Tea: Steak with sweet potatoes, onion and carrot noodles

How I’m feeling: My lack of planning is getting the better of my breakfast. I ended up eating from the canteen this morning. It’s been another pretty good day. I’ve had a good level of energy, my skin is beginning to clear a bit after a breakout last week and I’m doing well on the concentration front. I’ve also had more ideas for blog posts than I have had for ages, which I think is a combination of Whole 30 concentration and focus courtesy of my new Life Planner from Lollipop Designs x Blogtacular which is all kinds of awesome. I’ve spent a lot of the evening filling the diary up with my life and whatnot. I am not a great blogger in that I don’t plan posts very much. I think this is why I end up going AWOL for a bit, as I struggle to think of things to blog about if I leave it too long. I’m going to give the planning thing a go, based on what I already know is going on in my life. I feel like I am winning.

Day 24

Breakfast: Pistachio nuts

Lunch: Marks and Spencer’s egg and new potato salad

Tea: Piri piri steak hache with onion and sweet potatoes

How I’m feeling: I was unprepared for breakfast or lunch today.  Big oops.  A combination of lack of sleep, unpreparedness for breakfast and lunch and a couple of dull meetings has been no fun. I don’t even know why I was so late to bed which makes it more annoying. Despite being tired, I don’t actually feel too bad (just not as good as I have done for the last couple of days). Early to bed for me tonight! On the plus side for food preparation, my HUGE Muscle Food delivery arrived today. It was almost too heavy to carry, and I could feel the bottom of the box bulging as I was carrying it, so the first thing I did when I got back to my desk was re-tape the seams.

Muscle Food

I have some batch cooking to get on with – first up is pulled pork as we haven’t had that in absolutely ages. We’ll also be having Cincinnati chilli and meatloaf (all made Whole 30 if they’re not originally paleo). I’m not entirely sure what I am going to do with the chicken. Quite possibly I think Fiona’s green chicken might feature, and I might attempt a curry. I’m not sure what sort of curry yet though.

So, after what has felt like a really slow start to my Whole 30 round 3, I’m onto a winner now.

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Whole 30 Days 19 to 21: on the up!

After a pretty miserable few days, I feel like I am on the up again! And about time too! It isn’t (cringe) the “tiger blood“/superhero feeling, but I am feeling more together.

Day 19

Breakfast: Diced bacon, hard boiled egg and sweet potato

Lunch: Chicken in Matt’s amazing tomato sauce and veggie couscous

Tea: Steak with onions and sweet potato

How I’m feeling: I am glad it’s Friday, that’s for sure! It was one of the busier days in the office again today, and I didn’t end up eating my lunch until nearly 4pm. I had planned to have it earlier, but a meeting overran and then I had a couple of others to go to. One thing that I was pretty glad of was I didn’t get ravenously hungry (or grumpy). Yes, I was hungry, but I wasn’t chew-on-your-arm kind of hungry. I also noticed I seemed to keep a better concentration level going. All in all, it’s been a pretty good day.

Day 20

Breakfast: French omelette

Lunch: Ham and a juice

Tea: Chicken stir fry with sweet potatoes

How I’m feeling: Refreshed! Finally! I woke up, having had nearly 9 hours of sleep and felt good. Over breakfast, Matt and I were talking about what we wanted to do in the day. His nearly-Whole-30 is going really well, and he decided his treat would be a new Xbox 1 controller (how it’s different from the other one, I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve been told it is MUCH better than the other). Unfortunately the only place that had it was an Argos in Plymouth (which is about an hour away). We’d also been talking about rejoining the National Trust, so decided to do it today and stop by Saltram House on the outskirts of Plymouth on the way back from Argos.

Saltram House

It was a really murky day, but the weather is clearly confusing the plant life – the daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses were all out in force. We didn’t get to go around the whole house, as only the east wing is open at the moment, but it was a nice way to spend a couple of hours. We’re going to go back in the spring (when hopefully the sun is shining!) so we can go around all of the house and gardens.

Gardens at Saltram

Around 3:45pm, we headed home, stopping at Tesco to see if they had a magazine that Matt was looking for. Because we hadn’t had lunch either, we picked up a couple of things to munch. I picked up ham and a juice. It wasn’t the best thought out meal, but it filled a hole until tea time. This evening, I’ve put in a big Muscle Food order, which will hopefully be here on Wednesday. I’ve included a couple of their paleo snacks to see what they’re like. If one thing that this Whole 30 has told me is that I can’t be prepared all the time, so having a back up plan is a good idea.

Anyway, it’s been another pretty good day today – the Whole 30 goodness is beginning to come through!

Day 21

Breakfast: Banana, melon, apple and orange juice

Lunch: French omelette with ham, followed by dried apricots and pistachio nuts

Tea: Prawn stir fry with carrot noodles

How I’m feeling: Another good long sleep, and I’m feeling good! We decided to get a juice for breakfast in the Guildhall in Exeter rather than eat at home. I realised that the smoothie I usually like (Banana Boat) has yoghurt in, so I asked for one without the yoghurt. It wasn’t quite the same, but it was a nice change. It wasn’t an exciting shopping trip (conditioner, deodorant, lip balm), but it was nice to get out the house for a bit. I definitely think I am procrastinating a bit less than I have done in the recent past.

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Whole 30 Days 15 to 18: Riding the struggle bus


I am wondering how bad my diet really was before my Whole 30, as I seem to be getting a bit behind in the timeline now. I know the timeline is just a guide though, and actually, looking back on my previous Whole 3o experiences, I think these few days are probably the worst in terms of mood for me.


Day 15

Breakfast: Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and mixed nuts

Lunch: Pina Colada Chicken from Well Fed 2 and some cashew nuts

Tea: Beef stew

How I’m feeling: Woohoo! Made it half way! After the gross-ness of yesterday’s tummy trouble, I’m glad to report that there has been no reoccurrence. I have felt a bit out of sorts today though with food, as I haven’t been as prepared. Luckily, we have a couple of frozen meals left, but I do need to have a couple of productive evenings cooking stuff up. Today has been the first day that I’ve really felt “look at all this food that I can’t eat”. Going in to Tesco to pick up some bits and pieces (more sweet potatoes!) probably didn’t help that, as the Easter chocolates are now out, and suddenly all I can see is crackers, breads, and so much stuff that I can’t have. I’ve tried talking myself out of it and concentrating on all the food I can have, but I’d be lying if I had said it worked. I think I’m in mourning.

Day 16

Breakfast: Two poached eggs with ham

Lunch: Pina Colada Chicken

Tea: Bacon braised cabbage from Ministry of Food with sweet potato

How I’m feeling: The mourning hasn’t stopped yet. I’m tired, a bit cranky and feel like I have regressed a bit. A friend got a KitKat in the post today from a supplier (yes, random), and I could have given up there and then. I didn’t. I don’t even want want it (it isn’t a specific craving). It’s like my brain has cottoned on that certain foods are off limits and suddenly, I want ALL THE FOOD. To counter all of that though, a friend said that she thought my face was looking thinner, and I have noticed my trousers have got a little longer, though I don’t think I look thinner.

Day 17

Breakfast: Two poached eggs and a slice of bacon

Lunch: Egg and potato salad from M&S, cashews, grape and blueberry pot and a berry smoothie

Tea: Bolognaise with sweet potato

How I’m feeling: First off this morning, I was a bit annoyed. I’d made breakfast last night to bring in to work today, and left it on the side. After having had a fair few days of not being organised, I was looking forward to that. Two poached eggs later and I was okay. It turned out to be an absolutely manic morning at work anyway and I didn’t get out for lunch until gone 2:30pm. I decided rather than struggle through trying to find something compliant in our canteen at lunchtime, I would walk down to our local petrol station which has an M&S Food. Yeah. Turns out that all of the cold meats for sale in this M&S had some sort of sugar in them. I spotted a plain salad and picked it up with a load of fruit. Lunch was rescued! It was also good to get out of the office for a walk which I definitely need to do more of when it isn’t so wet outside.  In other news, I’m feeling a bit “can’t this be over yet”. It’s tinged with some grumpiness too and I am definitely still on the struggle bus. I’m definitely not swinging from the rafters, full of joie de vive that’s for sure!

Day 18

Breakfast: Sweet potato, two hard boiled eggs and some ham

Lunch: Bolognaise with cauliflower rice

Tea: Chicken in tomato sauce with sweet potato

How I’m feeling: I really do feel like I’m flip-flopping between feeling pretty good and a miserable “can’t I have a brownie” state of mind. The thing is, physically, I think things are going pretty well. I cut my nails back after I took my Shellac nail polish off on the 5th January, and they’ve grown really well, they’re shiny and strong. My hair is getting to the point of being too long for me anyway, but it feels a little longer. My manager said to me this morning that she can see that I have lost weight (though I still don’t see it right now). As for my sleep, I’m not a bad sleeper anyway, and I’m trying to get into a more consistent bedtime habit (which is going well so far), but I’m sleeping well with no problems. Anything mental though? That’s a different story. I’m struggling to concentrate, my levels of motivation waver from total productivity and efficiency to couch-dwelling slob (there is no happy medium), my moods are ebbing on the higher side but with some crazy grumpiness (which is usually for totally pointless reasons). I was talking to a colleague though, who is “cutting” for a competition and eats largely low carb, higher fat, and he said that sometimes it will take longer than a month to feel like you’re firing on all cylinders. It’s all just a case of bearing with it I suppose!

On the plus side, I am not absolutely sick and tired of eggs at the moment, which does usually hit me at half way. That said, I do like some of the recipes in Whole 30’s eggless breakfast post – food for thought for the weekend.

The plan for the next few days is just to ride it out, and hopefully I’ll get to the consistently good feeling. Anyway, want to catch up on my previous days? Here they are:


Whole 30 Days 10 to 14: Going strong

I’m through the first third! It’s going well, I’m not hungry or feel like I am missing out (too much – just cups of tea still!), and at the moment, I think it’s going to be a relatively smooth ride to Day 30. That said, I’m conscious that I still seem to be running a few days behind “the timeline“. Here’s how I’ve got on over the last few days:

Day 10

Breakfast: Hard boiled egg, chicken, cucumber and tomato with some balsamic vinegar

Lunch: Left over chicken stir fry with veggie couscous

Tea: Cincinnati chilli with butternut squash noodles

How I’m feeling: Productive! As I’ve mentioned before, when I come in after work, I quite often literally flop down on the sofa and call it a day. Not tonight, no! I cracked on with making Pina Colada chicken for later in the week, and also did the marinade for the green chicken, which smells absolutely amazing when you’re whizzing together all the ingredients. The chicken needs to marinate for at least an hour, but longer is better, so that’s tea for tomorrow sorted.

Day 11

Breakfast: Banana and apple with almond butter

Lunch: Left over Cincinnati chilli

Tea: Fiona’s Green Chicken (from Nom Nom Paleo)

How I’m feeling: Apparently most people feel the strongest urge to quit their Whole 30 at day 10 or 11. I can’t say this is something that I have felt over the last couple of days. Actually, it has been really nice to come home of an evening, eat proper food (not a ping meal in sight!) and get ready for the next day. I love the green chicken recipe, and would definitely recommend it. I used chicken breast instead of thighs as we don’t have thighs in the freezer. I feel good though – energy is improving day by day, I don’t have any all consuming cravings and don’t seem to be feeling any ill effects right now.

Day 12

Breakfast: Banana and apple with cashew butter

Lunch: Left over green chicken with veggie couscous and roasted med veg

Tea: Bacon braised cabbage (from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food) with sweet potato chips

How I’m feeling: I am very glad it is Friday and this week is over. It’s been a bit mad at work. I’ve weathered it well though – my energy and concentration levels have been good, though I have been more irritated than normal with silly things (trying to get through to a human being at one of the government agencies is the devil’s own job and saw me shouting at the stupid automated woman on the other end of the phone!).

Day 13

Breakfast: Banana and apple with cashew butter

Lunch: Left over green chicken with sweet potato

Tea: Steak with root veg chips and stir fry veg

How I’m feeling: I went to bed too late last night and didn’t sleep brilliantly. I think I spent too much time looking at a screen before bed, watching some of the gubbins on my Netflix. It was a relatively slow start to the day, and I ummed and ahhed about going in to work today or tomorrow. I needed to go in when no one else was there as I just needed some quiet time to concentrate on the fiddly stuff. I decided to go today, and turns out that it was time well spent, which was a load off my mind and will allow me to enjoy the rest of the weekend. I cooked up the chicken and sweet potato before I went. I absolutely love this recipe – it’s pretty easy to do too which is always good! After popping to work for a few hours, I stopped at Tesco and picked up some steak for tea. It wasn’t on the plan, but I really fancied it. Matt cooks steak better than me, so he was the chef of tea.

Whole 30 Days 10 to 14

I feel pretty good still. No super energy (though my energy is better than pre-Whole 30) and no vivid dreams about food as the Whole 30 timeline suggests. I do feel a bit more positive generally though.

Day 14

Brunch: Two fried eggs, followed by cashew nut butter on apple and banana

Tea: Pina Colada chicken from Well Fed 2 with butternut squash noodles and stir fry veg

How I’m feeling: I didn’t get up early enough to consider breakfast and lunch two separate events. Instead, I settled for waiting a little longer and having lunch. After lunch, Matt and I decided to go on an explore around town. We googled some walking routes, and came up with two that we combined. It’s been a really murky day, light drizzle and grey. Cold too – the wind has a real bite. There has been snow up on Dartmoor, but we haven’t had any that has settled (yet).

January Walk around Cullompton

We walked a reasonable distance before my stomach started to get a bit sore. It is getting close to that time of the month, but it wasn’t a period pain soreness. Nope, this was one of the delayed side effects of the Whole 30 – the bad tummy time. Delightful! I will be backing off the nut butters, just in case they’re anything to do with it though, as almond and cashew butter have become a near daily thing. Anyway, that aside, I slept really well last night, and the vivid dreams appeared. They weren’t about food, but they were vivid all the same. My energy levels are pretty good, no obvious crashes, and it isn’t taking me so long to get round to doing things (I remember on my last Whole 30, my procrasination levels reduced quite a bit).

All in all though, I am pleased with how it’s going. The only thing I regret not doing before this was a proper “before” picture, as I feel like I have lost some weight, but I’m not 100% sure. Matt definitely has though – his t-shirts are fitting better, and his face looks a little thinner which is really great. He had a great non-scale victory today too – a coat that he hasn’t fitted into for ages, he did up. I’m so pleased for him!

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All the (literal) rage: My Whole 30 Days 5 to 9

Carrying on from my first four days, the short story of this Whole 30 for me is that I have been mostly “negative symptoms” free until quite recently. At the moment, I think I am about 4 days behind “The Timeline” that Whole 30 put together as guidance.

Day 5

Breakfast: Egg and sweet potato

Lunch: Beef meatballs with tomato sauce and roast carrot and parsnips

Tea: Bacon braised cabbage (from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food with modifications to go paleo)

How I’m feeling: Glad that the weekend is here! I’m still sleeping well, but the lie in tomorrow will be very much appreciated. It’s not been a particularly interesting day in terms of food or how I’m feeling. It’s going well, I feel fine. I’m not bored of the food, I’m not in the kitchen for hours, which is good.

I went out to see my friend this evening. She and her husband have just moved house too (and are waaaay more sorted in their unpacking than we are!). Ordinarily we meet up and put the world to rights over cider and Malteasers while the husbands play skittles. Sadly, neither cider nor Malteasers are paleo-friendly, so it was dates and apple juice for me.

Day 6

Breakfast: 2 eggs, seasoned, whisked and then cooked in the pan (does this count as a French omelette?)

Lunch: Didn’t have lunch

Tea: Meatloaf and sweet potato

How I’m feeling: I slept in quite late, though I think it was just because I was nice and toasty in bed. After doing some meal planning, I got out for a bit to go shopping and collect some bits and pieces for a cook up on Sunday. I got hungry in the evening, which I suspect is because of a lack of lunch so I had a banana and almond butter. Other than that, no hangover, no adverse feelings or effects. It really has been a quiet day.

Meal planning

Day 7

Breakfast: Bananas with almond butter

Lunch: kind of didn’t have lunch

Tea: Meatballs in tomato sauce with sweet potato

How I’m feeling: This is the first day that I’ve had a headache and haven’t been able to shift it all day. Otherwise, I’m feeling okay – not on top of the world, not hit by a bus. Annoyingly, the meat I got out yesterday hadn’t defrosted, so there was no batch cooking as I had planned to do. I did pop some beef and veggies in the pot and made a stew which smelled amazing. Mum and Dad popped by for a visit. It was nice to see them, and definitely broke up my Sunday boredom. Headache aside, I’m a bit tired, but nothing shocking, and nothing unexpected.

Day 8

Breakfast: Bananas with almond butter (so quick, easy and tasty)

Lunch: Leftover meatballs in tomato sauce with roast veg

Tea: Chicken stir fry

How I’m feeling: My headache is still dully throbbing away in the background and I have a couple of breakouts too. I think “the hangover” may be in force. I feel much more tired today, and I’m struggling to concentrate on anything. I’ve also started remembering things that happened early last year and thinking that they happened last week. Clearly I’m going mad. I definitely think that brain fog needs adding to the timeline on Whole 30, as I’ve seen a couple of people mention this on the blogs I’ve been reading. On the plus side though, I am much more on top of my water intake today. I struggle (though manage) to get 8 glasses in when I’m not at work.

Stir Fry

Day 9

Breakfast: Chicken with sweet potato and boiled egg

Lunch: Leftover chicken stirfry

Tea: Beef stew

How I’m feeling: Well, after I wrote my little write up for yesterday,  suddenly…


…“Kill all the things” set in at an alarming rate and I got really angry for absolutely no reason. Matt hadn’t put the bins out? RAGE! Matt was trying to help me cook tea? RAGE! Poor Matt. Sometimes I wonder why he married me. I suspect last night, the same thought crossed his mind.

Thankfully, today I feel much more in control and less ragey. It’s been a fairly quiet day in terms of “reportable Whole 30 feelings”. A friend asked what I was going to do at the end of the 30 days which gave me something to think about. I’m not entirely sure what I am going to do yet. Literally the only exciting and remarkable thing was trying to boil an egg a different way. Instead of just plopping the egg in boiling water and leaving it until I remember it’s been in the pan for a while, I followed Nom Nom Paleo’s instructions, and actually, the finished egg was nice and orange inside, no smell, no black lines. Yes, Whole 30 really can be mile-a-minute levels of exciting.


Given that I seem to be a few days behind, I think I have a couple of days of headaches and general blurgh to get through before I start to feel more energetic and better again. Roll on those days!


My Whole 30 so far – Days 1 to 4

I thought I’d cluster a few days of what I’m eating and how I’m feeling on my third round of Whole 30. In short, it’s going pretty well. In my last post, I said that I wasn’t doing a huge batch cook of 20+ meals. It creates too much mess in the kitchen, I am stuck in there all day on a Sunday, and I still have to prep lunch and breakfast so I wasn’t gaining much from my preparation. Plus I have the chance to inject some good variety in to my meals.

Going in to my third round of Whole 30, I wouldn’t say I felt terrible, but I just want to curb the bad habits and focus on getting into a healthier place. The short of it is that I am actually doing okay. Nothing hurts, I don’t have much in the way of cravings aside from a cup of tea!


Day 1

Breakfast: Chicken and tomatoes

Lunch: Chicken with rosemary and garlic roasted carrots and parsnips

Tea: Sirloin steak with sweet potato

How I’m feeling: Pretty good so far. It was the first day back at work, and I am pooped. I swear it was like getting up in the middle of the night to get ready. Food wise though, with the exception of a rubbishy steak, today has been good. I wanted something sweet after tea, but watched some YouTube videos to distract myself. I think I probably became a bit grotty during the sweet craving part of the day (sorry Matt!).

New Year return to work

Day 2

Breakfast: Left over chicken and tomatoes from yesterday (added a splash of balsamic vinegar as the chicken was very dry)

Lunch: King prawns with salad and balsamic vinegar

Tea: Steak hache with sweet potato and salad

How I’m feeling: Again, still pretty good. I slept well (which is no surprised given how tired I felt yesterday). I’ve tried to make sure that I’m drinking a lot, and while I’ve been a bit hungrier today, it hasn’t been too bad. Normally “the hangover” kicks in now, and certainly that has been true for me in the past, but I really do feel okay right now.  I prepped breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, and rescued tea from the freezer. I also managed all the washing up and some budget work (a goal for 2016) and some other bits and pieces, so it was overall a very productive evening (which is VERY unusual for me – I’m not often very productive in the evenings).

Day 3

Breakfast: bacon with half a baked sweet potato and boiled egg

Lunch: King prawn with lots of salad with balsamic vinegar (again – really loving the at the moment)

Tea: Cincinnati chilli (from Well Fed 2) and butternut squash noodles

How I’m feeling: The hangover stage definitely still hasn’t kicked in yet. I’m sleeping well (though I’m tired, but I think that’s more the return to work after Christmas than anything else!). Breakfast kept me full until lunch, and I started to get hungry around 4:30pm in time for tea at 6:30ish. The only thing I really would like is a proper cup of tea.

I prepped breakfast and lunch for Day 4, and also roasted some more veggies as they’re good to pair with lots of things. I was hungry still after tea though, so made myself a little egg omelette thing which helped.


Day 4

Breakfast: turkey with half a baked sweet potato and a boiled egg (not my finest breakfast)

Lunch: leftover chilli with some roast veggies

Tea: beef meatballs, butternut squash noodles and a tomato sauce

How I’m feeling: I got new winter pyjamas for Christmas, which I wore last night, and they are so warm and fluffy that I am crediting my good sleep to them. In the interest of balance, I then had an awful breakfast. I don’t know why I cooked the turkey really, as I don’t like it plain (it needs a sauce to be edible). Thankfully my lunch made up for it. I think I could probably live off that chilli if I had to. I’m still “hangover” free and I’m not at the “kill all the things” stage (I don’t think). I have had a bit of a breakout of spots, which is annoying, but nothing makeup doesn’t fix. I have broken out in my past two Whole 30s around this time, so it isn’t a massive surprise.

That’s my first four days done and dusted. I am wondering whether I am going to get stung massively with some bad feelings/temper problems/sleep issues later down the line, as I really have had a pretty good ride of it so far. I’m even considering adding some exercise in. I’m not entirely sure what sort of exercise at the moment, and I’m thinking to add it in after I’ve passed Day 14, but I’m definitely giving it some thought.

How has the start of January been for you?


Starting my third Whole 30

I’ve been giving my diet some thought recently. While it has improved massively since we moved out of our flat and into our own house, there is still a lot of work to be done. I can also feel some old bad habits beginning to sneak back in. While my takeaway consumption has reduced drastically since September 2015, I have been lazy and swapped the takeaways for microwave meals for tea and canteen fodder for lunch. It’s time for a reset!

Beyond the Sofa | Whole 30 Round 3

Whole 30 is a strict framework in which you cut out all processed food, dairy, refined sugars, grains and legumes. You can read more about it here if you’re interested.

Why am I doing this again?

Part of me feels like it hasn’t worked – I’ve done this before, lost weight, gone some way to improving my habits, only to fall back into old ones and pile all the weight (and more) back on. I’ve given this round a lot more thought about whether I should do it, bouncing from “I don’t want to be so restricted” to “it’s just 30 days”.  Then I’ve got to thinking – what’s the worst that can happen?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail

I could go back to old habits at the end of the 30 days and put on even more weight. I could really kick start my focus on health and make 2016 the year of healthiness. I know which I prefer!

Any changes?

I have a couple of changes in mind. In January last year, I logged everything in My Fitness Pal. Looking back at this now, I think it was the wrong thing for me to do. It took away the intuitive “am I hungry” foundation and was replaced by “how many more calories/macros can I have today”. That said, it was interesting to note that the days that I was lower on my calories tended to be followed by a more hungry day. Anyway, there will be no My Fitness Pal in my Whole 30 this time.

I’ve also identified that Nakd bars, while I do love them, aren’t very good for me psychologically and give me a crutch to lean on when I think I want something sweet. The reality is that I don’t need anything and that these lovely little bars can trigger a binge behaviour (I don’t care what food is in front of me, if it’s in front of me, I’ll eat it). I’m not buying any at the start. The same applies for juice. Juice will be much more moderated this time – no sweet fixes from liquids!

I’m also going to limit my weighing in. In both of my previous Whole 30s, I weighed in a lot. I became more obsessed with it I think, especially in my second one. This time – there is a scale fast going on, which also means no Weigh in Wednesdays until February.

What about prep?

I haven’t cleared the house of non-Whole 30 foods (Matt is kind of joining in, but will be more flexible). I have re-read the programme rules. Muscle Food deliveries that we’ve stored are going to be used up first. Aldi is my friend (one of the worst things about Whole 30 is the sudden rise in food bills).

I’ve spent the afternoon today making up batches of Cincinnati chilli from Well Fed 2. This is an absolute favourite of mine, and while it takes a long time to cook, it is worth it. I’ve also made up some braised cabbage, and roasted some parsnips and carrots with rosemary and garlic. The fridge is stocked with cold meats for Matt, and there is a large amount of salad going on. The kitchen doesn’t look like a bomb site, which it usually does when I batch cook for nearly a whole month.

In the past, I’ve tried to make as many meals as possible so that nearly the whole month of evening meals is planned out. This has made breakfasts and lunches quite stressful because they’re much less planned. This time, I’ve gone for a couple of main meals, cooked up some more versatile ingredients and will do leftovers.

I absolutely do not want to be stuck in the kitchen every night prepping for breakfast, lunch and snacks the following day. Left overs will be fine.


I’m starting tomorrow, 4th January. It’s my first day back at work and there are two birthdays in the office this week, and I’m off to see my friend on Friday for cider and Malteasers (which will be sparkling water and maybe some dates if I want them for me). Nothing like the present though!


Summing up my #Whole30 Round 2

I’m now two weeks out of my second Whole 30.

Thirty days of no sugar, no dairy, no legumes.  I’d completed one round in July last year, and had some really good results.  I was expecting something similar this time round.  It didn’t quite pan out like that though.

In terms of cravings and how I feel in myself, the cravings were really knocked on the head.  Possibly the only thing that I truly missed was a cup of tea, and I’ve since made the decision to reintroduce that into my diet.  Life without tea is not a life I want to live!  Not permanently anyway.

I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t perk up as much as I had during the July 2014 round of Whole 30.  I think it might be partly due to the time of year (roll on lighter evenings!), and also that because our diet was so poor in the run up to the start of this Whole 30, my body took longer to catch on.  Now that I’m a couple of weeks out from finishing, and my eating habits have slipped in the last 3 days, in retrospect, I perked up more than I felt I did at the time.  Right now, I’m moody, lethargic, sleeping poorly, my skin is breaking out, and I’m battling my sweet tooth again.  This is after just three days of poor eating!

Properly mid-grump

Properly mid-grump

I tracked my intake with My Fitness Pal during this round, which I didn’t do in July.  I noticed that every now and then when I thought I needed something sweet in the evening, it tended to be when I had a low calorie day.  I was also able to start identifying what causes bingeing behaviours (le sigh Nakd bars!), and I am more aware of what I need to be mindful of.


We also gained much more control out of our food budget.  I am quite embarrassed to admit how much we had been spending on food, takeaway and sweets before the New Year, and one of the driving factors in doing another Whole 30 was to bring some control back to the budget.  This has been completely successful.  While the Whole 30 isn’t the cheapest way of eating, it is much cheaper than what we had been doing.

In terms of the stats, I lost 12lbs (compared with 16lbs in July 2014).  I haven’t taken my inches measurements since finishing.  Matt lost around the same as me, which he is very pleased with.  I’m pleased, especially as I think I had more than my fair share of fruit juice.  It wasn’t wholly about the weight loss, but having seen such high numbers at the start, it is a relief to be on my way back down.

I know a lot of this has been non-scale victories anyway, but probably the one I am most pleased about is walking.  Specifically, being able to walk.  Just before my sister left to go home after Christmas, we went out for a walk along the beach with my mum.  The intention had been to start a Couch to 5k type walking plan (so quicker walking bits rather than running).  I felt low about it anyway, as I was incredibly conscious of how big I had become, but the actual event was worse than I imagined.  We only managed a short distance before I had to stop.  The pain in my back and hips was excruciating.  Mentally, I was already calling Matt to come and pick me up.  I felt so embarrassed – we have walked for miles and miles in times gone by, down the beach, Exmoor, Dartmoor.  There I was, internally melting down because of what I had been doing to myself.  I cried when I got home.

Janathon Day 2

Fast forward 3 weeks and Mum and I were heading out to go shopping.  She’d parked the car about 10 minutes’ walk away, up a hill.  I was told off for marching ahead so quickly.  Matt and I have been out for walks since the end of our Whole 30 too, and it hasn’t been a struggle at all.


We’re now about two weeks out from finishing the Whole 30, and life has carried on reasonably well.  The first week and a half or so, we kept eating the same as we had been but reintroduced tea and porridge (for me) and cereal (for Matt).  This week hasn’t been as good, and we’ve slipped into old ways a little, which isn’t great.  That said, this evening, I’ve made my own mayo, cooked up a breakfast quiche type thing, and sorted out a proper lunch for tomorrow, so we’re getting straight back to it.  We’ve realised that just 3 days of eating badly is really beginning to take its toll (bad tummies, moodiness, cravings, energy slumps, poor sleep, not to mention financially).

How was January for you?  Well done to the Janathoners and Jantastic people!