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Saturday = Church and Zumba…

… Because that’s how I roll.

M and I had to scarper off up to the church we’re getting married in for a marriage preparation class.  It was entirely voluntary, and designed to be a nice get away from wedding planning stress.  I’ll admit, I’m not stressed about the wedding, and M and I have always been quite grounded that the main focus is us getting married, and the party is a nice to have.  Add in the fact that we had all the big things booked with over a year to go, and my stress levels are minimal.  I digress (again).  The class was ok – there was one other couple with us, and it was run by an ex-Relate counsellor (she was a bit odd, but heart in the right place).  The session was split into three – 1) our expectations of our roles as husband and wife, 2) communication, and 3) how we see each other now (including a questionnaire).

On the top of my list for husbandly duties was “save me from moths”.  Interestingly, on M’s list of wife related expectations, he had “save me from spiders”.  The communication portion was having to construct a simple shape with dominoes but without seeing each other’s shape.  The first couple did pretty well, but I have to say, we aced it.  We are, to quote the Bacon, totes amazeballs.  The final questionnaire was spooky – we’d given the same answers about each other for most of it.  It’s nice to know we’re on the same page.  Would I recommend it?  Yeah, sure!  It’s nice to have some time out, just the two of you to focus on your relationship.

From church, there was a dash to the south of the county to attend a Zumbathon.  Three hours of Zumba for Rowcroft Hospice.  You may remember my dislike of Zumba when it takes away from the Tone element, and so I thought I might struggle with this.  Despite my reservations, I really enjoyed it.  It was in a tiny hall, where you didn’t really have the space to fully extend your arms.  I have a fairly long wingspan and was a little worried about clocking the people either side of me.  I managed to survive the whole thing without standing on anyone (and only kicked a friend once).  Result!

I shall sleep well tonight!  Hope you’ve had a random and enjoyable Saturday too!