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The Wedding: Part 3 (Honeymoon)

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Following on from Parts One and Two, we’re now on to the days following our wedding.

“For sickness and in health” started somewhat earlier for us.  After any big event (up to this point, mostly exams), I tend to get a rotten cold, and this was no exception.  M and I cleared all the wedding stuff out of the room the morning after our wedding, distributed several bottles of wine to the family, and headed to my parents’ house.  M had to nip back to our flat, so I spent some time with my parents and sister.  It was nice to have some quiet time.

Once M arrived, we opened our cards and presents.  We were absolutely blown away by people’s generosity and kindness.  We got a lot of stuff from our gift list, and a enough cash to start the deposit for our own home.  My sister also gave us money to take on honeymoon so we could have a few treats, which was extremely kind of her.

Quite a long time ago, M and I had discussed where we wanted to go on honeymoon.  Initially we thought we’d like to go back to Tenerife and stay in the H10 Gran Tinerfe hotel.  We’d stayed there in 2012 and had a wonderful time.  As time wore on, we realised that we probably wouldn’t have the time (in terms of holiday), or budget to go straight after we got married.  We thought about postponing the honeymoon until May 2014.  However, as my parents-in-law got married in Cyprus, we decided that having been abroad this year already, perhaps we would enjoy staying within the UK.

For a long time, we’ve been threatening to do the “university tour”.  I went to university in Sheffield, and M went to university in Cardiff.  We agreed that actually, that could be quite a fun honeymoon.  We booked the hotels and the trains, and on Tuesday after our wedding, we jumped on the train at Exeter and headed up to Sheffield.  

We arrived late on Tuesday evening.  On Wednesday morning, we headed up to the Peace Gardens and stopped at Cafe Rouge for breakfast.  I ordered eggs benedict and M had croque madame.  It was a good start to the day.  Once breakfast was finished, we started on a wander up to Collegiate Campus which is where most of my lectures were.  It was great wandering through the Devonshire Quarter and up to Ecclesall Road.  A real trip down memory lane.  It was great to show M where I spent a good few years “growing up”.  After I’d shown him where I’d lived, we headed back towards the city centre, stopping for a wander through the Botanical Gardens.  I haven’t seen so many squirrels for a long time.  One even climbed up M’s leg!  I have never known a squirrel so brazen!

Botanical Gardens

It was getting a bit chilly, and also getting to lunchtime.  I had planned to go to Varsity on Ecclesall Road, as I spent a vast (probably too much, actually) amount of time in there in my third year at uni, and I was looking forward to a Southern chicken baguette.  Sadly, as we got closer, I realised that it had shutdown.  On to Champs we went.  Deprived of my Varsity trip, I settled on a Malibu and cranberry juice – my normal uni drink (in the day time anyway).  Ah it tasted good…

Drink of choice

After lunch, we wandered back through town, up the Moor (which is in the process of being redeveloped – it’s looking much better already!), and to the tram.  M hadn’t been on a tram before, so I thought that would be fun.  Off we headed to Meadowhall.  I really enjoyed this.  Cribbs Causeway has nothing on Meadowhall and I do miss it.  Whilst there, we shopped for a bit, then decided to have tea and catch a film.  Tea was all you can eat Thai.  There were jelly fish in their partition tank.

Jellyfish centrepiece

They were great!  The food was ok, good for the price.  The film we (well, I) chose was Captain Philips.  I don’t often enjoy the cinema, but this film was brilliant – a real weepy at the end.  

Day two in Sheffield wasn’t actually in Sheffield.  For a period after uni, I lived in Chesterfield and worked in Annesley.  I duly dragged M around Chesterfield and had lunch in one of the local pubs before looking in the church.


The museum had opened since I’d left too, so we had a whizz through there before heading back to Sheffield to collect our bags.  

We were on the 17:30hrs train to Cardiff, again, arriving at night.  It was raining when we arrived, and the weather continued thus.  We got a bit lost trying to find the Premier Inn, but we found it in the end.

Every time I go to Wales it is raining.  This proved no exception.  We had a Premier Inn breakfast to fuel us on our travels and did the same in Cardiff as we had in Sheffield.  We walked up to M’s halls then back via his house.  I quite liked Cardiff, though I admit I am less keen on the weather and leaf mulch.  We stopped for lunch in Kappucino’s where M used to get his lunch.  It was delicious and I had the most heavenly tasting toffee apple muffin for pudding.  Unfortunately the rain hadn’t let up at all and we were both dripping wet (hence the lack of photos too).  We stopped off in the National Museum in an attempt to get dry (and cultured!).  

Tea was a prawn salad from Marks and Spencers for me and a Club Sandwich for M.  After many days of rich food, I was beginning to crave clean foods.

On Saturday, the rugby was on (Wales v South Africa) and I experienced quite a surreal day.  Sheffield has been my only experience of large sporting events (that aren’t motorsport), and the football always seems to have a menacing atmosphere that I never enjoyed.  There was always a strong police presence, and the two sides never met.  Rugby was completely different.  Springboks and the Welsh walked side by side down the street, drank in the same bars, and smiled at each other.  I saw a whole three policemen out on patrol.  The atmosphere was lively and friendly.  We spent the morning shopping and soaking in the atmosphere, as M proudly wandered the streets in his Welsh shirt.

When in Wales

We came home on Saturday, and barely had time to sit down with a cup of tea before we headed out for a friend’s party.

It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself, but I am ready for normal life to resume!  Just with a different surname!

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