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Weigh in Wednesday 7: Achieving


Weigh in Wednesday 7

Hello hello! Time is flying for me right now – things are busy and I feel really energised at the moment, and…

Christmas is coming


I am actually really looking forward to Christmas this year. I’ve made the decision not to blow the budget (though this will be tested when I go Christmas shopping this weekend), and to enjoy the decorating. Normally Matt will put up the tree, and when we were in the flat, that was pretty much the sum of our Christmas decoration effort. Oh no. Not this year! We need to get a new tree, as we’re a bit tight on space in the living room, but we’ll definitely be making up for lacklustre Christmas decorations over the last few years. Anyway, more on that later (maybe).

After last week’s wonky floor issues, I made sure to take a best of three. The result? Another 2lb loss. Chuffed, chuffed, chuffed. That takes me to 8lbs I think, properly into my new stone. It’s been a pretty good week generally, and I definitely think I’m reaping the benefits of it.

I’d set myself three challenges last week – go for a good walk, get some yoga in, and accept and complete all my Smart Coach challenges on my UP.

On Saturday, Matt and I were focused on the housework and getting more boxes shifted. It was really good to have a clean through, as we don’t have quite as many obstacles to negotiate now. Mum popped over in the afternoon. It was nice to have a catch up as I hadn’t spoken to her much in the week. I think Saturday was the first day that is has felt really wintery here. I hung the washing out (I know, optimistic!), and the wind had a real bite to it. Sunday wasn’t quite so chilly as the wind had dropped off quite nicely. The sun was shining, we didn’t have much left to do at home, so Matt and I headed out for a bimble. I opted for a bridleway that I wanted to know where it went. It’s just around the corner from us, and goes off in a steep and relatively long hill. We were “labradored” about half way up by this lunatic yellow Labrador who was just so pleased with life and thought everything was marvellous. We made a fuss and chatted to her owner, who then apologised profusely when the dog jumped up with muddy feet. I didn’t mind – our old dog did worse I’m sure!

Sunday autumn walk

We stopped a couple more times as Matt found some things to photograph. It really was such a gorgeous day. Eventually the bridleway came out at a farm with a stable yard. The track was quite muddy so we didn’t carry on exploring north, and so with a big inhale of the lovely smell of haylage (one of my favourite smells, which reminds me of pottering around the yard when I used to ride), we headed back towards the town. We found the road, town cemetery and primary school, which were previously unknown to us.  It wasn’t a long walk, probably two miles maximum, but it was so nice to be out in the fresh air.

I managed to fit in a very short yoga session, which felt great for my shoulders after being hunched over my desk all week.  I accepted all my UP challenges too, and I’m pleased to report that I aced most of them too. I think I am getting into a good bedtime habit now, and I’m conscious of keeping my steps up during the day.

My plans for this week are:

  • Survive the Christmas shop on Exeter high street. Good luck to me!  I’ve done a little bit of online shopping, but not much. A plan of attack is being formulated and may involve breakfast in the city.
  • Explore a different part of where I live.  So much to explore!

Do you go all out on the Christmas decorations? When does your tree get put up?


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2 thoughts on “Weigh in Wednesday 7: Achieving

  1. I missed the fun of exploring when we moved this time, as our house is only a few roads away from where our previous house was! It’s one of the best bits of moving house though!
    I need to try and get through some of the Christmas shopping this weekend too. I can’t believe how quickly Christmas is coming now. I saw the Coca-Cola advert on TV last night!

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